Sunday, May 01, 2011

Double or Nothing

So, in response to the unprecedented unrest in the Middle East, the King gave all government workers DOUBLE salary last month.

Naturally we were all looking forward to this, being government workers.

Of course we didn't get it; only the local teachers (a small minority)got it. This didn't really surprise anybody.

But then we heard that teachers contracted to the military through British Aerospace got it. Then we heard that teachers working for the national oil companies got it.

We found we got a raise of about $75 a month, however.

Teachers here are understandably mercenary; there are very few other reasons to be here. A few wrote angry letters, a few swore they'd stay here only "one more year."

Angry English teachers rioting in the streets? Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

My Jordanian colleague was outraged and huffed and puffed a lot about quitting immediately. He's still there. The farce continued and the Saudis' jubilation ended when businessmen (they didn't wait a few months or even weeks) took advantage of all this cash suddenly sloshing about and put up prices of rent, food, goods and services. Haha. I wonder how much is left after the majority blew most it in Dubai - which has replaced Bahrain as the weekend destination.