Sunday, April 01, 2012

ESL Schools Under Scrutiny for Human Trafficking??

I just posted this on Dave's ESL Cafe --

Oh wow! I just read this on the internet:

LYON, (AP) -- Interpol revealed today that numerous private international schools of English, known as TEFL or ESL schools, are under scrutiny for involvement in human trafficking.

"We see a very similar pattern to some of the criminal organizations that recruit domestics or constructions workers from poor countries," said an Interpol representative today. "Teachers go abroad and are promised many things, but given miserable living conditions and salaries that barely allow them to survive. Passports are occasionally taken away and the ESL teacher finds they are not legally employed. Stories of worse kinds of abuse are not unheard of."

"Often the schools themselves have no academic standards whatsoever," reported one source, a 35-year-old American who claimed himself to have been trafficked by an ESL school and wishes to remain unnamed. "They are simply mills to take money from students, and often tax dodges or money laundries at that. The teacher is a disposable resource, and often threatened and bullied. Physical harm is not unheard of."

Prosecution for human trafficking can be difficult due to jurisdictional disputes, but Interpol says it is seeking cooperation from all countries to help control human trafficking in ESL, which they estimate affects tens of thousands of victims every year and produces profits in the billions.

You can read the full story here!

Wow! This could be the start of a new era in TEFL!


Tim said...

Amazing that no one on Dave's ESL spotted it as an April Fool's joke yet.

Anonymous said...

Yet another reason to avoid the 10th circle of hell otherwise known as Dave's - the people on that board are fucking retards.

English Teacher X said...

AS of 9.53am, April 2nd -- four comments, providing nothing but support and more examples of the allegations, which are of course totally a joke -- but a "MOD EDIT" has removed the link, which actually just led to the first book.

John said...

ha .. of course, it isn't a joke (except for the Interpol part).

of course, schools do keep passports and much worse (hold teachers captive, etc.).

i swear, Dave's is complicit in the abuse of teachers worldwide. every time you see an advertisement for a school, you know that THEY and HIM are complicit in the exploitation of teachers. Though, I admit, some of those "teachers" deserve to be exploited.

Anonymous said...

I got banned from Dave's ESL for posting my experience about a dodgy school that advertised on their jobs page.I agree with the comment above- the moderation policy on that site protects bad employers.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous - getting banned from Dave's ESL Cafe is a milestone for English teachers. you're in good company. some oldtimers even say "you're not a real EFL teacher until you've been banned from Dave's."

nancy john said...

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