Friday, June 01, 2012

Free Whores and Alcohol

A little more than a year ago I made available my ebook TO TRAVEL HOPELESSLY, a collection of stories about my first five years of teaching abroad.

Feedback has generally been positive -- here are some Amazon Reviews --

"a fun, quick read that was about travel, sex and debauchery (3 of my favorite things)" -- Carmo

"It's an amazing, breathless ride" -- Book Girl

"I was completely enthralled and immersed in it, and found myself reading the entire thing in one sitting." -- R. Kern

But I did get a few complaints that the ending was rather abrupt.

So here as a little gift to ETX readers, as a celebration of my leaving Saudi Arabia, as a celebration of my turning 43, and as a celebration of the satisfying reader response to my ebooks --

I have added a few new paragraphs to TO TRAVEL HOPELESSLY, including the last chapter, which hopefully make the ending feel a little less abrupt.

In addition, I have included a sample chapter from my forthcoming novel VODKABERG, called THE SUMMER OF LOVE: RUSSIA 2002.  

And what's more? For this month . . .

IT'S FUCKING FREE ON SMASHWORDS. Seriously. Absolutely free. You can download it in any format there -- or even just read it online. GET IT HERE ON SMASHWORDS.

IT'S FUCKING 99 CENTS ON KINDLE, for the month of June, and then in July I'll put it up in the Kindle Prime thing and give it away there for free for five days, after which time you can borrow it for free if you're a member.  GET IT HERE ON AMAZON

So, if you already read it? Read it again, with a few new paragraphs. If you haven't read it, read it, and brace yourself for my magnum opus about my nine years in Russia, VODKABERG.

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