Saturday, September 01, 2012

VODKABERG is Hot, Baby

After about 36 hours of availability, VODKABERG: NINE YEARS IN RUSSIA is . . .

#3 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Nonfiction > Travel > Asia > Russia (and was #1 for a while there)

#8 in Books > Travel > Asia > Russia > General
#41 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Nonfiction > Travel > Specialty Travel > Adventure

I'd say that speaks more to the generally poor state of the publishing industry than the amount of copies it has sold, however.



I wanted to include a lot of pictures in the book, but so far am having trouble with that because they take up too much space in the file. (The Amazon version has a few, Smashwords ony a couple.)

In lieu of that, here are a couple of remixes of the promo video:


Kevin said...

While that may be the case, it was still an enjoyable read, many thanks.
Also, I notice no mention of the current girlfriend in 'Vodkaberg', I thought you met not long before you were leaving the place?

English Teacher X said...

Well, yeah, she's mentioned but since I didn't even faintly realize she would stick around, she's just referred to vaguely. I didn't want to tack some kind of "Bright Lights Big City" Dream Girl out of the ruins ending onto it.

Me said...

Half way through and enjoying it. Money and time well spent. It's basically the blog with less pictures. I do like being able to read it offline with the kindle though. Wish there were more pictures. Now that you are long gone from there:
(1) You can give up the city name. Sounds like Samara or Saratov or something. Meh. Maybe it;s better to just keep it as generic Russian dystopian Vodkaberg.

(2) You've been coasting of the Russian glory days for a few years now. Time for some new crazy shit! Surely there could have been lots of things to make fun of in the Kingdom.

p.s. Your CAPTCHA not a robot check is always difficult as hell to read.

English Teacher X said...
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English Teacher X said...

Well, I got nothing to do with the blog CAPTCHA thing. As regards the city, yeah, everybody who cares knows what city it is, but I'm going to leave it generic to protect the identities of the innocent, etc.

As for crazy shit in Saudi Arabia, for me at least, those words don't go together.

English Teacher X said...

Lee said...

I sort of liked it. I enjoyed how it was structured with a simple title heading and then an anecdote with no fat left on it. He zips in and zips out of the story. So that was good. Less enjoyable is all this business of this is a Russia that’s gone. Really? Shopping malls and Russian x factor aside, you can still see a 3 wheeled car on a motorway and still get put in jail for 2 years just for doing a silly dance in a Church…
I suspect what English teacher x means is his time in Russia has gone and such is the nostalgia that accompanies it. My sources tell me the girls are just as pretty and approachable.