Saturday, August 10, 2013

An All-Too-Common Incident

So here's a typical, even stereo-typcial, drunk story that you hear now and then in Southeast Asia, especially Thailand:

(I'd imagine you get this story fairly often in Brazil, also, although I've never been there.) 

I mean, they can be pretty convincing, these girls! And you've got the pre- and post-op brand, as well as the various changes in hormonal pharmaceutical and cosmetic surgery technology, so you're not exactly sure what to look for, sometimes. 

The adam's apple used to be a dead giveaway but they can fix that now; the strangled quality of the voice might be something to look for. Big hands? Shit, I have hands like a 16-year-old girl myself.

But, thing is: there was one guy in Thailand that this "inadvertently" happened to ALL THE TIME. (That would be the same guy in cartoon above.) I mean how many times could it be an accident? You think the guy would eventually just go ahead and admit he liked the lady boys. English teachers in Thailand tend to be pretty non-judgmental.

As for me? 

Hmm. Well, not to my knowledge.

I remember that I sat with and cuddled with one "girl" for about thirty minutes, back in the old days in Thailand, before I figured out her proper gender. I did not complete any deeds with her. One colleague was sitting with another and demanded we leave; he said, "I stuck my finger in her and it only went in about a quarter of an inch."

We discussed the issue over beers later. He was revolted by the whole thing. 

"Well," I said, "I mean, if you like the whole exterior package, what's the big deal? What are you having sex with, a body or a chromosome?"

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gaoxiaen said...

I hate when that happens.