Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday - What the Fuck, It's Only a Buck

In my attempts to get back in touch with the American normal-person zeitgeist, here's a special Black Friday offer for you, so you can stay home and not get stabbed or trampled.

This latest edit of TO TRAVEL HOPELESSLY has a couple of new chapters in the section about Bangkok -- I always thought the book was a bit brief about that very eventful part of my life. (The new chapters are based on blog posts / old journal entries I made here, by the way, so it's not entirely new material or anything.) Also hopefully weeded out the last few typos, and given it better and clearer formatting including a hyper-linked table of contents and well organized front- and back-matter.

Here's a coupon to get it here at SMASHWORDS in the e-book format of your choice for 99 cents. Coupon Code: YK46M

And this latest "director's cut" edit of VODKABERG has a new short section or two, plus a new line-edit (though I suspect a few stubborn typos are stuck in the cracks), a hyper-linked table of contents to each year, better-organized front- and back-matter, and links to "bonus material," specifically the Return to Vodkaberg posts I made this year.

Get it here at SMASHWORDS in the e-book format of your choice for $1.00. Coupon Code: EM73V

Why was I spending time doing that, when I should be working on my next memoir? Well, I had to get that voice back in my head again, right. And refresh my mind on the contrast between the young X and the middle-aged X, because both of them are going to be in the next book.

Oh and another bonus track: don't forget that HOW TO SURVIVE LIVING ABROAD is still free on Amazon and also free on Smashwords, new edition with contributions from well-known bloggers and average anonymous shmoes alike.

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