Friday, February 14, 2014

That's So Gay: Russia Then and Now

Yeah, it strikes me as pretty ironic actually, the Russian anti-gay propaganda laws.

Because when I was there back around 2001, 2002?

It was really fucking cool to be gay there.

Seeme like half the people I knew back then were gay or bisexual.

There were no less than THREE very popular raging gay bars in Vodkaberg, a town that probably had no more than eight or nine bars at that time.

(Here's a link to an old story about one, on the first ETX Angelfire website.)

The place we hung out was amazing-- bisexual university chicks, married girls getting away from their husbands by saying "We're just going to the gay bar to dance!" and a few flaming drag queens and such. Then also, some English teachers, African students, a handful of French teachers, and when our presence became known, a bunch of girls who worshipped foreigners.

One gay male acquaintance told me that NOBODY was easier to get into bed than these Alpha Male beedla Russian flatheads when they were drunk. I believe it. Crazy Bob told me about an evening of drinking with some male Russian students who finished off the evening by stripping down to their underwear and sleeping like spoons.

Of course these two little trollops, TATU, were the harbingers of lesbian chic:

(I prefer the music mix to the American version -- it's a bit more rocking.) They came out in Russia in 2000 and had a smidgen of international success around 2002 and 2003. Back then, most Saturdays my kitchen was full of Russian teenage girls making out with each other.

Ironically T.a.t.u played at the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Probably the laws have some kind of exemption for hot girl-on-girl action.

But in general the early '00s was just a time in sexual revolution and sort of unbridled lust, as evidenced in this song by a pleasantly flaming Boris Moeseev from 2002 or so:

And what person that hates gays is really so cold-hearted as to hate hot blonde chicks making out? REFLEX here was also from the early '00s --

A bit more easy to pick on a freaky type like Shura, who was and is openly gay --

So you know, it's probably just a backlash, like the strict laws about drinking on the street and smoking in public and buying vodka after 10:00pm and so forth. Just the "old" New Russia versus the "new" New Russia. We're a civilized country, not some anarchic Sodom and Gomorrah.

But you know, as for the Alpha Male President over there -- methinks maybe he protests a bit too much. All that chest-thumping is pretty homoerotic at its base, of course, primarily designed to impress males.

(I came across this mention on Wikipedia of Bonabos apes rubbing their scrotums together to make up after fighting over a woman.)

I mean look at all the shirtless pictures the guy posts. No matter how many ballerinas he supposedly impregnates, don't you think he's maybe turned out a punk or two in his day?  Perhaps only as punishment for something?


Anonymous said...

Some of those pictures of Putin look like gay propoganda to me.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that was definitely the Golden age of Russki Lesbo Pop.

englishteacherx said...

Back in those days you couldn't walk 5 feet without getting shot at the supermarket by some oiled-up blonde Russian lesbian.

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