Thursday, August 07, 2014

English Teachers, Tramps, and Thieves

Fans of tales about deranged expats and English teachers abroad will surely enjoy Colin Post's tales about The Mick, published over at Expat Chronicles:

The Mick is an Irish gangster who went to Colombia in the 80s to smuggle cocaine; he did three years in prison for that and afterwards decided to stay in Bogota working as - what else? - an English teacher while debauching with the best of 'em.

Colin has launched a kick starter campaign to collect the funds necessary to publish a whole book about the Mick:

Kickstarter for "This Mick's Life" book project (only two days left!)

And here's a Reddit AMA interview with the Mick:

So check it out. Let's keep the literary climate favorable to real life tales of international debauchery and mayhem.


Anonymous said...

Check it out kids. Colin is a sharp cat who lived the iife of extreme debauchery in Colombia and Peru, before saving his liver and marrying a Peruana. He's the genuine article - I met him in Lima. I never met "The Mick", but in 15 years of slumming it all over LatAm, I've met plenty enough of his ilk to know that he probably exists and that the stories are as twisted as presented.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit...I can't believe that it got funded! It's interesting, but a bit obscure. This leads me to believe that almost anything can get funded via kickstarter.

Anonymous said...

\By god...a 6 week bender!!!! IS that even POSSIBLE!!!!

englishteacherx said...

Well you saw that some guy raised $40000 to make a potato joke too absurd, these days. Alas my liver is too weak to try it