Thursday, October 09, 2014

Hot Deals!

I'm having a Kindle Countdown deal on GRAMMAR SLAMMER, my book about how to deal with all those annoying grammar points students pester you with:

It'll be available here on Amazon for 99 cents for a few days, then the price goes up to $1.99 and then $2.99 and so forth. 

Now I'm also trying out my own e-book store at e-junkie (off-putting name though it is, it seems to work well.) I'm offering a special deal there, also, if you haven't read my first two memoirs yet -- you can buy both TO TRAVEL HOPELESSLY and VODKABERG in PDF and EPUB formats for only $5. A savings of,like 20 percent of something. (You have to use Paypal.) 


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And now you can get my latest memoir REQUIEM FOR A VAGABOND as a paperback: 

Buy it HERE as a paperback at Createspace
(Or, of course, you're welcome to get it HERE  on Amazon as an e-book.)

(I would of course be happy to toss in REQUIEM FOR A VAGABOND into the bundle, so you could read the whole Burnout Trilogy, but it is currently enrolled in KDP Select, which means I can't sell it anywhere else other than Amazon. They did in fact block my account once for playing fast and loose with KDP Select, so of course I have to keep my Corporate Overlords happy.)


Anonymous said...

ETX, something to read. Or fuel for the fire (Russian girls):

Btw been reading since 2006 :)

Anonymous said...

The kind of wage inflation for investment bankers that has made $4000 a night hookers possible is the disgusting part.

englishteacherx said...

Yeah, hooking is a lot like English teaching -- you hear the occasional story of people thriving and enjoying it, but those are sort of the outliers, and most people don't deal with it.

Listen to this sad story from former sex-trafficked girl: