Thursday, December 04, 2014

Penguins Rip My Flesh: The ETX AMA

Hey, gang!

I'm restin' and relaxin' here in the Galapogas (Galopogas? Golopogas?) Islands, and while I intended to do a lot of work on books and stuff while on this holiday, there's way too much snorkeling to do and way too many sea lions to play with.

But I was invited to do an AMA on Reddit, so I've been doing that:

Questions are trickling in at a slow pace, so I'll keep answering them until further notice. (Even here in the Galapogas Islands we have fast internet.)

I never bothered to keep up with all the redundant social media out there, but Reddit is a hot new ticket that replicates the old linear message boards of fifteen years ago. (Take a look at this archived Wayback Machine snapshot of Dave's ESL cafe message board in the year 2000.) Running to stand still, I call that.

And anyway, here's a video of a penguin attacking me. OH MY GOD ISN'T HE CUTE?

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