Saturday, March 07, 2015

Another Conversation about "Game"


Anonymous said...

That's a rather fetching blonde wig you were wearing there

Anonymous said...

Having sex with a hot girl in a third world country still feels like having sex with a hot girl.

$5,000 a month you got for "teaching" English in a middle eastern country still buys $5,000 worth of stuff.

English teaching- the ultimate life hack. That must be why people with real accomplishments hate us so much.

Anonymous said...

English teaching- the ultimate life hack. That must be why people with real accomplishments hate us so much.

It really isn't as a lot of the time you're trading your future employability for comfort now. There are lots of people who go to shit holes like China and become teachers with limited to zero qualifications. While it is comfortable for a while over time standards rise and they are more discriminating about who they want.

As a result those who stay too long or never moved up in terms of qualifications or responsibilities tend to get stuck. Something called the TEFL trap which catches many people as they turn 30 or older and come back home and are basically unemployable.

R a guy I know went out in 2005 and rubbed our faces in it constantly about his great life. In December 2014 he was caught and deported and given a 5 year ban from ever entering China. He came back and is essentially completely unemployable as he treated it as a gap decade. This is quite common.

englishteacherx said...

Yeah, hack in the sense of mangle, chop, mutilate ...

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I wouldn't say it's anything to brag about. "Hack" as in short cut to something good. You never can tell where that short cut is going to lead you.

I suspect anonymous #3 above is ETX himself. He loves to troll his own comments.

Anonymous said...

So why do you continue to write about the English Teacher lifestyle if it sucks so much?

If the "frend" you write about above loved his life so much he could have upped his qualifications, done some networking and above all decided that China was really the place he wanted to live in.

Simple. Go play with your sock puppets.

Anon#3 said...

Yee have little faith. I was actually anon #3 commentator. I was at university (the place where I teach) and therefore didn't want to log into my google account.

Several points in no particular order.

ETX isn't a typical English teacher. If you've noticed he revealed his identity recently and has quite a lot of things on the boil. A lot of people do not have such things to fall back on as such their lives invariably end up being WORSE. I always suspected this of him because he didn't quite sound like others and there was something different. ETX is essentially a marketing tool to sell books if you haven't noticed.

R? Have a look at the train wreck yourself. His old account is user name 'visitor q' on bikechatforums just search TEFL and there is a user who constantly boasted about his life teaching illegally and constant debauchery, IIRC it was Thailand, China, Vietnam, then Cambodia then China, then Thailand then China. The posts go all the way back to 2009. You think I can fake that?

Search a little deeper and you can read about how a number of well meaning people tried to get him to up skill (take a guess at who I am from those posts). He had none of it and slated them because the qualified people were paid no more than he was.

englishteacherx said...

One thing I will say -- as a fuck-up, you can generally do better, for longer, in English teaching than you would in other professions. Perhaps that's the allure of it for so many.

But you get to a certain age, a certain level of employment, it's really hard to survive as a fuck up, even in English teaching.

Why do I continue to write about it? Because I continue to do it. Why do I continue to do it? Because it's the job I ended up doing, and it suits my temperament. I don't hate teaching, I hate the bizarre incompetence of the schools. My main goal of writing originally, besides general self-expression,was
to vent.