Friday, June 19, 2015

Blatant Self Promo (Or: Shit Sells, Literally)

E-book publishing has a lot more in common with computer hacking than traditional publishing.

Producing content is hard enough. But quality is not particularly the name of the game, you just have to produce something people are looking for. Shit sells, LITERALLY.

So writing it only a small part of it -- then you have to edit and format and publish, and make it possible for people to find it, and that's the hard part. It's all about finding the right keywords and titles and links and outlets, and of course social engineering. 

In my never-ending attempts to navigate the world of indie e-book sales, I've re-enrolled my initial seminal work ENGLISH TEACHER X GUIDE TO TEACHING ENGLISH ABROAD into Kindle Unlimited:

FREE FOR EVERYBODY from June 20th to June 25th

This is the updated 2015 version, which differs from the 2013 version by a few dozen pages.
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As well, you can get my COMPLETE COLLECTED CARTOONS on Kindle Unlimited, and that shit is also FREE until the 24th.

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Don't forget, also that I've been giving away TO TRAVEL HOPELESSLY, my first memoir, COMPLETELY FREE for the last few months, so check that out if you haven't. 

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As for me? In Mallorca with the Girlfriend, so that's okay, but still going through the increasingly-ugly process of job hunting. Uploading all my life history onto employment portals. I even took a psychological profile (the CPI 260) for one job. I'd be quite curious to see the results of that; it would seem I passed it, since they moved me on to the interview stage. 


Jug Jugette said...

Things have come to a pretty pass when an upstanding English teacher has to jump through so many hoops; what happened to showing up in Nakhon Terdsak or Shitezhen and starting work in some hole the next day?

englishteacherx said...

yeah, ten years ago, interviews were usually, "can you start in ten minutes in a class of 10 year olds?"

Ken said...

Hey X there was something mentioned on reddit about the middle east about how they now had panel type interviews, proper demos and trial periods before they'd give you a sniff.

englishteacherx said...

They've always had that, more or less, I had interviews and such for my last couple jobs and the contracts alwyas had a 3-month trial period. Although now with the online employment portals they've outsourced the screening to people who actually know what they're doing.