Friday, April 01, 2016

Happy Fucking April Fool's Day!

Happy April Fool's day!

I tried to think of a funny joke for this year. I really did.

My first idea was to do some kind of fake book presentation about how the manosphere could clear up one of the most glaring contradictions in its identity by going gay.

See, I would humorously argue, this would reconcile the urge for rampant fornication with the urge to stop empowering women to be drunken non-traditional feminist sluts. All you gotta do it bang dudes instead,  like the Spartans, so as to not dilute masculinity at all, see, and let women get back to being broodmares.

But then a little research showed me that widely-read and oft-quoted paleomasculine author of THE WAY OF MEN, Jack Donovan, is gay, although he prefers the term androphile, and has in fact written a book much along those lines.

Click HERE to read about Jack Donovan's book ANDROPHILIA

Then I thought maybe I would do something about how Crazy Bob got killed in some horrible way. Kidnapped by ISIS and staked out in the desert to die, for example. Or maybe his genitals chopped off by an angry husband.

But then I discovered that in fact, one of the guys I knew back in Russia had actually been killed.

It was the guy who was referred to as "The Venezuelan" although that was actually not his nationality. He was an engineer for oil firms, and he apparently got assassinated while working in Mexico in 2010.

Nobody knows exactly why. It was assumably a shakedown of the company by a drug gang, although a jealous husband is not out of the question. It would have been just like him to start fucking the wife or girlfriend of some local sicario.

(Out of respect to his family, including an ex-wife, a Russian widow, and about five kids, I will not link to the news story.)

Then I thought maybe I'd do some kind of scary joke about some new regulations in which the government was going to put a halt to English teaching abroad and digital nomadism by cancelling the passports of people who had student loan debt or were delinquent in filing their taxes from overseas.

But, of course, I discovered that in 2016, that is in fact pretty much going to happen. A tax debt of $50,000 or more can indeed get your passport cancelled as of Jan 1, 2016. Read about it here on 

So, shit! I don't know. Just, you know, have a happy April Fool's Day, okay?

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