Sunday, September 04, 2016

Far From Home

I am far from home in a new country.

I don't speak the language. Many things are different and unfamiliar. 

I live in an apartment that somebody else furnished, and my own things here could easily be fit into two bags. 

So why do I feel so comfortable? 

I'm sure there are probably volumes of psychology to be written about it, but it all gets back down to the fact that this is what I do. I have spent most of my life teaching English in other countries. It's just ... what I do. 

I feel far, far more comfortable walking around in the streets of Beijing than I did in the small town in America I was living in last year. 

So how is everything?  

The apartment provided is nice enough, roomy, bright, and well-furnished. The area around me is mostly a work in progress, but there are shops and a decent restaurant. 

I live outside of Beijing, but it's easy enough to get to the center with frequent buses. Beijing seems a bit nicer than I imagined, although I am aware the brutal winter will soon be upon us. 

The job? 

So far no problems. Classes have been okay. As at a lot of international high schools in China though, there are a lot of annoying extra activities that involve sitting or standing around more than one would like. 

But I'm teaching some fucking English, baby. 

That's what I do. 


Scott Baumann said...
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Anonymous said...

What about the chink smell and taste? It's everywhere like a fucking plague here. Though I respect and even like the chinks, I can't wait to get back to my people and more importantly food without the chink smell and taste on it.

Funnily enough I also enjoy walking around here more than in small town America if it just weren't for the Chink smell. Nauseating.

englishteacherx said...

I haven't really noticed it but I have had pretty bad sinus problems ever since I arrived.

psitank said...

Chinks are indeed nasty people. I used to be one but ever since moving to Vancouver I hate them more and more. My current plan is to meet an autistic white bitch and ejaculate all over her.