Thursday, November 10, 2016

Oh, America, Now You've Gone and Done It

So which do you prefer, STAR WARS or STAR TREK?

A pretty easy question, on the face of it. Most people would say STAR WARS (dislike for the prequels aside.)


Well, it's more exciting.  It's passionate, it's thrilling, it's vibrant.


And what's the general theme of STAR WARS?

Well, it's about weak and ineffective republics which are constantly beset by civil war, trade conflicts, and the looming threat of fascism and sudden annihilation. It's about religious extremism -- my Force is better than your Force -- and especially about patricide. Science exists, but nobody seems to know or care much about it, beyond building weapons of mass destruction.

While the various planetary species and races are occasionally seen banding together, it's mostly old white guys who run the show, and it's a world where institutionalized prejudice is such that even robots are not allowed in bars.

It's a world where travel mainly just gets you attacked by monsters, and where problems are solved with blasters, light sabers, and telekinetic death-chokes.

And what's the general theme of STAR TREK?

It's about how the scientific method can solve most of our problems, and how globalism, gender equality and multiculturalism can allow a flourishing of peaceful and united civilization. It's about an interplanetary Federation of professional, intelligent, competent problem-solvers who are able to put aside their differences in the pursuit of lofty goals and in dealing with threats. They might use violence, but generally within strict guidelines and as the last resort.

So America has just cast a vote for a STAR WARS future.

Hardly a surprise, I guess, with that particular American logic: well, all those educated, intelligent politicians never managed to make the country perfect, so why not give a vulgar and stupid one a chance?


Anonymous said...

Childless middle aged man with no progeny to leave anything worth anything to. But virtue signaling sure does feel good! Huh, X?

Anonymous said...

Ron along Roosh. Don't waste your time here - you don't want to be otherwise occupied when Don-of-Orange calls to offer you a job in his new administration. You might also want to focus your energy on getting your extended Iranian family out before the crazies start raining bombs down on Tehran.....

englishteacherx said...

Don't squabble kids. We don't have much time left for that.

englishteacherx said...

I had to look up "virtue signalling." I'm not keeping up on my annoying jargon, are "beta" and "mangina" not used anymore? Link to some of my past "virtue signalling" --

Darzin said...

Not to get to political, but I'm amazed at the amount of English teachers who support Trump. "Because he'll get rid of all the immigrants who don't assimilate," Who are themselves immigrants who don't speak the local language and don't assimilate.

Anonymous said...

Darzin - the difference, obviously, is that English teachers don't demand government handouts and citizenship in the countries in which we work. We get a visa, which lasts until either we or our employer doesn't want us to be there any more, and then we leave.

What we don't do is enter the country illegally, demand that the country provides us with free housing, health care, legal aid, education for our children, and welfare handouts; then have further anchor babies who are granted citizenship, making it more likely that we will be; and then encourage so many of our countrymen to do the same thing that we create vast ethnically exclusive ghettoes in which the citizens of the original country feel like foreigners, and many residents of which have little allegiance to their new country (often not even speaking the language) despite being very fond of its relatively large economic opportunities.

So no, I'd say it's not quite the same.

Now, to prove I'm not racist: ETX, who was the black porn star that hollowed out The Goose? Come on, tell us: surely not the mighty Mandingo?

Some Guy Back in Vietnam said...

Except that plenty of English teachers DO do this. Look at most English teaching or expat forum and a good chunk of the posts will be about if/how they can circumvent some visa rule or another. You have scores of teachers working in Saudi Arabia on business visas labeled "Not permitted to work" and hundreds if not thousands of Expats in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam doing visa runs every three months, literally popping out to get a stamp then another stamp letting them back in. As for entitlement for welfare or what have you, most English teachers travel as singles due to the different socioeconomic factors driving us around the world (I think ETX referred to it as The Great Coochie Hunt), so simply don't demand as much. On the other hand, those who do come with families were usually already pretty much having something going in the states that they were good at so ironically they wind up in a better spot that makes them not demand the housing, welfare etc etc etc. The singles on the other hand just as often they wind up knocking up some woman, yet remain functionally useless in their country of residence outside of their teaching. Witness the scads of people in Japan and Thailand who don't speak a lick of the language and will constantly moan about things Not Being The Same whilst sticking to largely their own in the Expat pubs.

This was a regular enough phenomenon that I actually shifted quite more conservative in my own stances on immigration despite being the son of two Mexican (legal, fully naturalized and English-speaking) immigrants, including a grandfather who raised my mum by crossing the border daily, working in El Field! However, to prove that I'm not a liberal crybaby, my parents did everything the right way and I don't believe that anyone is entitled to anywhere - illegal labor isn't a right. I didn't vote for Trump but I actually figure that after 16 years of being pissed off at each other and hope that the new President does an okay job that may actually benefit us all.

englishteacherx said...

I wrote a blog post this years five years ago:

So now the manosphere doofuses can all go home, I guess?

englishteacherx said...

The name of the porn star who attended to the Goose has left my memory, I'm afraid. She was an illegal -- she came on a student visa and overstayed it, like so many -- and I talked with her a lot about her status. Why so many conservatives think illegal immigrants are given free stuff is beyond me -- she said she couldn't even put the cable TV in her name. Maybe you can get free stuff if you're a refugee, but a normal illegal will work and work hard.

Lucian Samosata said...

So today I learned that EnglishteacherX is a cuck.

englishteacherx said...

You might want to look that word up, I'm not married ergo cant be cucked. I am also not a gorilla so I'm not an alpha male.

Anonymous said...

Yeah come on everybody let's pretend a bunch of words mean stuff they don't! Samosata, you're a fucking vinegaroon!

englishteacherx said...

hey now that's not nice at all. Cuckold does have another meaning -- "In evolutionary biology, the term is also applied to males who are unwittingly investing parental effort in offspring that are not genetically their own" -- so as a teacher of youth, I guess I do that, actually.

Darzin said...

Lucian as most of us here have lived in foreign countries and slept with foreign girls, albeit maybe not as prolifically as our host here, I don't see why I should care. Even if we use the manosphere definition. (which by the way has the same problem as the made up words some feminists use)

Anonymous said...

To reply to Some Guy Back in Vetnam, as I said, English teachers and western expats generally are not a public charge to their host countries, and are statistically insignificant. It is also impossible for us to gain citizenship in Saudi, Thailand, or anywhere else we teach, regardless of whether we live there for decades, learn the language, etc.

The fact is that in the West, illegals are a big drain on govt budgets. They may not actually receive big wads of cash from the govt to go out and spend (although some do), but in terms of healthcare, education and welfare for their anchor babies, public housing, etc. This is not the case for western expats in foreign countries.

Also factor in the cost of welfare handouts for the western citizens who lose their jobs because employers prefer to hire illegals on the sly for less than minimum wage. Sure, lefties will shriek "that's the fault of the greedy employers, not the illegals", and they have half a point, but the situation couldn't arise if border laws were enforced and the illegals weren't there in the first place.

Secondly, I don't know how much of an issue this is in the USA but in the UK there is a vast drain on public finances through legal aid. All illegal immigrants have the right to have their case to stay go through court; and if it is rejected, they can appeal and appeal, a process which takes years, by the end of which they have usually knocked someone up and created an anchor baby or two, so they are unlikely to be kicked out even if they lose. Throughout all of this, they are entitled to "free", ie state-funded lawyers every step of the way. With the number of illegals and the rapacity of lawyers, this racks up costs into god know how many millions.

Compare this to the rest of the world, where illegals can and will be deported on five minutes notice, and the idea that the host government would pay for a lawyer for them (and usually other welfare handouts, while leaving them undetained for the duration of the case and appeals) would rightly be laughed at.

The second point, perhaps more important, is that English teachers and western expats are statistically insignificant. Mass immigration to the West is not. Look at California. 30-40 years ago it was the envy of the world, a happy, wealthy paradise, which elected Reagan in landslides. Now, it has severe fiscal debts (see: too many handouts), and Republicans don't even bother campaigning there any more. What has changed?

Simple: In the 1970s it was over 80% white. Today, it is 40% white. The mass influx of Mexicans has led to a typical corrupt, one-party (Democrat) state, and caused a great decline in the state. It's better for the Mexicans, of course, as they get to enjoy the benefits of living in the First World (for now), and a small number of wealthy employers will have exploited the immigration to slash wages and increase profits; but for most legacy Californians, the situation has become much worse.

This is an important issue. Wherever you look in the world, where there are different ethnic/religious groups of similar size occupying the same area, there are terrible problems and tensions. Jews and Arabs in Israel/Palestine. Shia and Sunni in the rest of Arabia. Muslims, Croats and Serbs in Yugoslavia. Fijians and Indians in Fiji. Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda. Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland. Malays and Chinese in Malaysia. Etc.

Do we in the West really want to bring these problems into our homogenous, prosperous societies? Do we really want to see the whole of American and Europe Californised, so that we are a minority, and third world immigrants and their anchor babies outnumber us? I would argue not.

Some Guy Back in Vietnam said...

>Do we in the West really want to bring these problems into our homogenous, prosperous societies?

Since when has American been homogenous? If it's not black people, it's the Chinese. If it's not the Chinese, it's the Irish. If it's not the Irish, it's the Mexicans. If it's not the Mexicans, it's the Muslims.

Even so-called homogeneous societies, in my experience, will find some other reason to get tribal and pissed off at each other - the Shia/Sunni divide perfectly illustrates that. Japan has the Burakumin and Ainu-descended folk. Hell, nowadays just the whole Democrat/Republican divide we see now can be argued to be starting yet another tribalist schism!

Given that I am literally a product of that society who is NOT part of the homogeneity and my parents were immigrants who did things the right way and naturalized -without ever taking any kind of public aid, I may add- I'd be hypocrite to rail against immigration full stop.

It's a matter of education and frankly speaking class. My parents were college-educated types who despise violence, drugs and all the typical jazz associated with Mexicans except tacos and Telemundo. I think most people would want people like my folks in, and not so much Russian strippers.

Keep in mind that I am of Mexican extraction and the way you say "We" frames it in a way that excludes "Me" and "My Parents." So, understand that I may not be with you on that.

I wasn't arguing about gaining citizenship in Saudi, Thailand or wherever. Actually, if you marry a Japanese citizen, then it's not too difficult to gain a Japanese passport. Most don't opt to because to become Japanese means you are legally required to forfeit your previous citizenship. However, you are right that Saudi and Thailand don't give them out. On the other hand, expats are quite significant in KSA - 30% with westerners getting the lion's share of the pie and seeing salaries and benefits that most locals would envy, if we want to talk about government handouts.

Yet all the word vomit you know what? As I implied before, I am -for- people LEGALLY working in a place and -for- stricter immigration controls for the many of the reasons you cite. What I am against is viewing the outside or someone who doesn't look or think like me as being some sort of threat against me and my very way of life just for existing. That goes for Muslims too and goddamn has my experience in Saudi taught me the folly of THAT ideology.

Feel free to shoot back. This has been a genuinely interesting conversation.

englishteacherx said...

Basically immigrants drain a countries resources the same way the rest of the poor people in the country do. They can't afford medical care, have legal problems, need to rely on public education for their children, and take welfare and so forth.

So let's just shoot all the poor people.

brian said...


While I like your Star Trek and Star Trek analogy, it doesn't quite reflect some of the later Star Trek works, prior to the reboot. Early Star Trek, full of the Rationalist optimism of the 60's, had this utopia world based on logic, and science, etc. It also had the Prime Directive, which means we ind our own business. However, a lot of latter Trek themes dealt with how that society was failing, and how technology, the government, and multiculturalism didn't always fix problems; sometimes they caused them. Deep Space 9, for example, borrowed heavily from Moses leading the people to the promised land. Star Wars has always been for kids, reflecting a very simple interpretation of the mellow spirituality of Northern California during the 60's and 70's. Some people took it way too seriously. As it is, I'm surprised you'd be so shocked at Trump's election. With all the time you spent in the Deep South, you must have seen the desperation and decay. The Rust Belt was no different.

englishteacherx said...

Yeah, I should have amended that to "early Star Trek' probably. The latest movies aren't too reflective of those original ideals.

The only thing that surprised me about Trump's ascension and win is that he obviously has, in his lifetime, represented absolutely none of the things he claims to now support; I can't understand why nobody thinks he's a complete phoney. Somehow they figure a guy who speaks in the basest and brashest terms possible must be telling the truth, I guess.

Good for our relations with Russia, I guess, but Putin will walk all over the rich doofus.

Anonymous said...

SGBV - Until the Immigration Act of 1965, America was homogenous: 85% white. You mentioned the Irish, and first generation Irish immigrants may have been a little different, but second generation Irish were assimilated fairly seamlessly.

Understand that it is a macro issue, not a micro issue; that is, we're not talking about individuals, but demographics. Your parents may have been from the Mexican ruling class, who look and act like the Kennedys. Either way, it seems that they were at the far right end of the bell curve. The top 5% of Mexico, or indeed any country, would benefit the USA or Britain.

(As an aside, that reminds me of a joke I was told by a New Zealander about sending the stupidest 10% of people from his country to Australia, and thus increasing the average IQ of both nations.)

The point is that, as Trump said in his speech way back in summer 2015, most Mexicans coming over the border aren't the top 5%. Far from it. They are people who are incapable of making a life for themselves at home. Smart Mexicans with good jobs in Mexico aren't going to risk the dangers, the coyotes, and all the other problems. It's the doofuses with nothing to lose who do this. As well as those linked to the cartels and the huge drug importation problem.

As for the demographic question, you can blame human nature for that. People in general simply feel more comfortable with their own kith and kin. You mentioned the Burakumin and Ainu-descended folk in Japan; but there is not significant unrest between them. It's like the English and the Welsh in the UK - there is sporting rivalry and pisstaking, but a universal acceptance that they are ultimately the same people, on the same side.

As English teachers we're a little different than most: young single guys out to explore the world and conquer exotic punani. But when I return to the West to settle down, I'm not going to live in a black ghetto, a Mexican barrio, or a Muslim enclave with mosques blaring the call to prayer at all hours. And if I return to the neighbourhood where I grew up, and find that it has been thus transformed, I won't be happy.

As I said, this way lies trouble. 80-90% homogenous countries are generally peaceful. Countries with ethnic/religious groups of approximately equal size are not, as resentments rise, and each group attempts to outmanoeuvre and gain advantage for its own people over the other, convinced that it has the numbers on its side to get away with it.

This is the threat posed by mass immigration, as opposed to selective, high-skilled immigration. One Mexican/Muslim guy on my street, who speaks English and is a doctor? Great. 50,000 Mexicans/Muslims in my town, recreating their own country in huge enclaves, with an overreliance on welfare and links to organised crime/extremism back home? No thanks.

Regarding KSA and similar places, the Saudis understand this: expats are there to do necessary jobs which couldn't be done by the native population. If all the western expats left KSA tomorrow, oil production would grind to a halt, revenues would stop flowing, and there would be societal collapse. So the relatively large salaries paid to western expats are good value for KSA, as the alternative would be much worse.

What the Saudis do *not* do, is give handouts to foreigners of little or no value. They do not allow welfare-funded enclaves of such people to exist in their country. They do the opposite: send them home immediately. That is economically and socially smart. We would do well to take heed. The election would suggest that, at long last, we are.

Anonymous said...

ETX - Poor people who are citizens of our countries are our responsibility, up to a point. Poor people in other countries are not. When you try to make them our responsibility, as Obama did, you end up adding more to the national debt than all previous 43 presidents combined. Take a minute to visualise $20 trillion in notes. That's how much Americans owe. Thanks, Barack.

PS To answer the question about the desirability of Russian strippers as immigrants, judging by ETX's pics and stories I wouldn't be opposed.

Some Guy Back in Vietnam said...

>What the Saudis do *not* do, is give handouts to foreigners of little or no value. They do not allow welfare-funded enclaves of such people to exist in their country. They do the opposite: send them home immediately.

I'm not sure you ever have lived in Saudi Arabia. ETX described "Al-Filthy" in Requiem for a Vagabond and, having walked those same streets, I'd be hard pressed to see much difference from a welfare-funded enclave of such people.

They hire street sweepers and people to man cashiers at McDonalds from India, Pakistan, Egypt and the Philippines. Jobs that Saudis are perfectly capable of doing (Cross the border to Bahrain and you'll see locals just as often man the registers) but they don't jive with the entitlement culture there so they pay I'm sure millions to bring tens of thousands in.

As far as sending them home goes, there was also a recent case of Indians construction workers staying in the country for months while they had their case heard in court for something like six months of unpaid labor. I'm not sure if they were overstaying or what have you though.

Your broader point is understood.

Personally, I'm not sure I would ever settle down in the West. In fact, I'm going to re-take Vietnamese classes next year since it looks like I'll be here a while. However, I do admit classism on my part, since I would rather be in my clean apartment by the Saigon River living next to well-to-do locals and expats as opposed to some alleyway in District 5 next to a family singing karaoke at 11pm.

In any case, I view immigration and such much like gun control - love it or hate it, you can't really put the cat back in the bag and may as well live with it. I grew up speaking Spanish at home, English in the streets, my best friend is a Filipino, and my first date in college with a half-Italian half-black girl. The multicultural America is all that I've known and I found it okay. For what it's worth, I think that taking America to a jus sanguinis policy as most of the world as opposed to jus soli would do well. And again, I think we that our larger disagreement is one of rhetoric.

As far as the desirability of Russian strippers, given that Spain has it's issues with Romanians (who are quite hot) and England with Poles (who are also quite hot), I'm guessing that it'd go back to your One Doctor Great, 50,000 Others Not So Much.

englishteacherx said...

There are a lot of other cases of "white" immigration wrecking places -- the many British living in Spain who have turned seaside resorts into crime-ridden touristy shitholes, all the Germans and rich Russians who settled in Czech Republic and Bulgaria buying up all the affordable housing, the Russian mafia in Phuket, the American retirees who have caused massive inflation in Costa Rica and Ecuador, etc. Send those white fuckers back to Whiteland!

Anonymous said...

Obama deported a record number of immigrants --

he just didn't brag about it. Killed plenty of Muslims, too. The alt-right has its head up its own ass. I'm betting Trump deports less, he'll need plenty of workers for his walls and his infrastructure projects.

Anonymous said...

X, "Send those fuckers back to whiteland?" Another self loathing cuck.

Let's take China for example. If China were to be like Amurika and have 20% (conservative estimate) of the population be immigrants from the west (since we are demonizing white western people here) then there would need to be what? 300 million white westerns colonizing China? And in an effort to emulate the west most of these 300 million would need to be dependents of the state. Yea, let's see the Chinese put up with that. Only those who have been hypnotized by Rubenstein's tribe are so suicidal.

Watch the Ruby X
Keep your eye on the Ruby
Resistance is futile
We own you X
"Yo Goldstein! Got anothu goy in tha bag"

Anonymous said...

SBGV - Yes, I think we largely agree. Ultimately it's a numbers game. Provided there is a large white majority to set the tone of first world civilisation, you can have a few thousand immigrants from wherever; all the better if they're from the right end of the bell curve.

But as you start to see macro demographic shifts, it goes too far, and the very society is undermined. In the UK, there are entire towns that are completely Islamised: colonised by Muslim immigrants from Pakistan and elsewhere. Look up Banglatown, London and Savile Town, Yorkshire. In places such as these, sharia is the law; there are strong contacts with ISIS; and white people dare not tread. Of course, they are all entirely British when it comes to vast welfare handouts, free healthcare, education, public sector makework jobs, etc, etc.

Your point about "Al-Filthy" in Saudi Arabia is mistaken. Those people live in third world squalour precisely because the Saudi government does not spend any money on them. Many are brought in by private companies such as restaurants, private cleaning contractors, etc, and have nothing to do with govt revenues. Those who are brought in by the Saudi govt are given the absolute minimum: paltry wages, basic living conditions, not allowed to bring in families.

(On a separate note, you're right that Saudis could do the work themselves, but having both lived there, we know that that's not going to happen any time soon.)

The immigrants in Banglatown, Savile Town, etc, are entirely different: they have good standards of living, as I said: free housing, heath, education, welfare, public sector makework jobs, etc - virtually all of it provided for them by the British government, at huge cost to the taxpayer and increase of the national debt. Once they have a foothold, they are able to bring over huge numbers of dependents from back home, most of whom live on welfare. Similar is true of Mexicans in the USA.

Btw how do you find Vietnam? I've never taught in Asia. What's the situation with regard to the usual factors: jobs/salaries, things to do, attitude of population toward white men, romantic opportunities, level of economic development, expat community, police/immigration issues, etc? One thing I heard is that it's hard to find jobs teaching adults: most of the positions are for kids, which isn't really my thing. True?

Anonymous said...

ETX - Don't believe what you read in the liberal media - British retirees in Spain are in fact pretty popular, because they're the only people with any money, given how the Euro has fucked up the Spanish economy. If they all "went home to whiteland", Spain would be in an even bigger mess than it already is.

The penniless African illegals who keep coming over, on the other hand, are a drain on Spain's resources that Spain can scarcely afford (as well as a cause of all the usual social problems, crime, etc). Ultimately my good man, it's all about the Benjamins.

PS SGBV - Never heard of Romanians being particularly hot, and Poles are notoriously flat-chested. Russian girls are still way out in front (ahem) when it comes to stripper potential. I agree, though, that as with all immigration, we need extreme vetting, and approval of applications only of those on the far-right of the stripper-suitability bellcurve, ie built like The Goose. When the teaching dries up, that's a job I could see myself doing.

englishteacherx said...

I don't know who Rubenstein is, unless you're talking about that woman from the movie Poltergeist, Zelda Rubenstein.

You're saying that a good number of those toothless, drunken, tattoo-covered Brits living in Spain and Thailand are not in fact "on the dole" or at least getting pensions, thus draining their country's resources while spending the bounty somewhere else?

Having lived in small-town Southern America last year -- I can testify without a doubt -- the Mexican, Asian, and other immigrant girls were the only remotely cute ones I saw. All the whites there were bloated beyond recognition.

Some Guy Back in Vietnam said...

I'm just speaking to my experiences in what I've seen in Spain and Japan with regards to Romanians and Poles. Generally fit-looking if memory serves (not so much a boob guy) I'd all about that life.

Vietnam is just dandy. As far tolerance of foreigners (white or otherwise) goes, I find it more cosmopolitan and open than Japan ever was. In fact, my general tolerance and idea of respect lies in, despite knowing quite a bit of the Japanese culture and language - far more than I could ever know of Vietnamese I'm sure - it felt like a constant struggle to be taken seriously in conversations simply because of my face. Part of this is due to a certain "foreigner fatigue" especially in the post-bubble era.

Most educated Vietnamese I would argue are similarly well familiar with foreigners and kind of burnt out (You'll see "No Tourists or English teachers" on Tinder profiles written in fluent English enough). Even so, as a Vietnamese friend of mine said: "We're not like Thailand. We still kinda tolerate AND welcome you to stay."

Hence why I'm a bit more conservative in my own stances on immigration.

And yes, most jobs that pay anything are for teaching kids. I'm working with teens right now but I worked with 18+ in the past. Those jobs are certainly rare. I'm okay with either.

englishteacherx said...

No Tourists or English teachers, that's hysterical.

I'm reading a book about the Boxer Rebellion now, in which a lively cult of martial arts looneys started attacking white foreigners in China in circa 1900 --

They blamed the foreigners for the drought with their new fangled inventions like steam engines.

AS long as their have been immigrants and expats, there have been attacks on immgrants and expats, and people looking for political gain in blaming the immigrants.

Some Guy Back in Vietnam said...

I agree with you, ETX. Division on ethnic tribal lines is simply petty. However, I do agree with Anon that mass immigration can cause its own issues.

Japan did something where a bunch of ethnic Japanese from South America were brought in on a legacy visa. Due to these ostensibly Japanese people often lacking language skills and a class difference, became second-class citizens working menial jobs. They even started to offer something like 3 grand to go back to Brazil and wherever a couple years back.

This is kinda why I don't get Anon's obsession with white majorities (besides simple ethnic tribalism - trying to avoid the R word here), when it's largely a class and education issue. I think most would rather be in a neighborhood of middle-class Japanese and Vietnamese than surrounded by a bunch of Aussie bogans, for instance. By the same token, I'd rather be surrounded by Aussie doctors than, say, Kabukicho yankiis and gyarus.

Demographics, statistics and all that aside, the fact of the matter is that white people are just as capable of making third world squalor as anyone else. Then just what is white keeps getting redefined anyway - Hispanics are starting to register themselves as white on American censuses and I've been told I "pass" on multiple occasions.

Then again, I'm a Mexican mud-blood mixed with everyone from Spanish, Arab, Aztec, and probably Chinese for all I know and care. So, meh.

Anonymous said...

ETX - People on pensions is not the same as being on the dole: you don't get a pension unless you've worked for several decades to earn it. Entirely different from some African illegal washing up on the shore and demanding to be taken care of.

Agree about white girls though: hot white girls don't seem to end up abroad much. It's more often the hairy, future-cat-lady, Bernie Sanders save-the-world types. I guess the hot ones are all in New York chasing the next Donald Trump. Never mind - as we can concur, that's what local babes are for.

The Rubenstein quip (not by me) refers to the strong Jewish influence behind mass third world immigration and enforcement of political correctness in the West. That this exists is undeniable.

Many people view it as an attempt to break down united, homogenous societies into atomised, competing ethnic groups, and create a vast pool of essentially serf labour, in order to drive down wages and allow those at the top of society - not all Jewish, but Jews are certainly vastly overrepresented compared to demographic proportions - to more easily maximise their profits and maintain control.

Many people also view as particularly hypocritical the fact that Jewish lobbies and organisations work tirelessly to enforce political correctness, mass third world immigration, ethnic integration, and disarming of the population in Western countries, while advocating precisely the opposite policies in their own country, Israel.

Just in case you were wondering.

As for your claim about "people looking for political gain" in "blaming" the migrants, I would put it rather differently. In a democracy, it is the job of elected politicians to represent the views of their citizens, and put into policy their wishes. Of course, corruption, lobbying, etc often muddies the water, but in the modern-day West, it is muddied in favour of immigration, by aforementioned lobbies.

I would argue the Trump/Brexit/Le Pen/AfD/Austrian Freedom Party etc phenomenon is a huge number of white Western people stating in no uncertain terms that they are sick of politicians failing to represent their views with regard to mass immigration and to a lesser extent political correctness - ie they don't want it - and therefore giving representation to politicians whom they feel will represent these views.

In short, this is exactly how democracy is supposed to work.

Anonymous said...

SGBV - Division among ethnic tribal lines may be "petty" but it is also, on the macro level, inevitable. Look at the world's trouble spots, now and throughout history. Different ethnic groups, of similar size, vying for dominance. We didn't use to have that in most of the West. If things continue as they are, we soon will. It won't be pretty.

I've heard about the failed Japanese South American immigration experiment. I understand that most of the immigrants were in fact mixed race, which would have made them gaijin to most Japanese. And the fact that there were many of them allowed them to set up their own ethnic enclaves.

Again, it's a numbers game. If you had taken a tiny number of ethnically Japanese Brazilians and spread them out throughout Japan, where they would have been forced to learn the language and integrate, I'm sure they would have done well. But drop in a critical mass of ethnically and linguistically different foreigners, and allow them to inevitably create their own community, and they will never assimilate. It's happened pretty much everywhere there has been large scale immigration from a different ethno/religious/linguistic culture.

Not sure about your claim that white people are "just as capable of making third world squalor as anyone else". There are no genuine shanty towns in white countries, none of the complete societal breakdown that you see in Africa, Asia and South America. Of course there are a lot of white doofuses, whose existence is highlighted heavily by the (((media))) (see previous post) but invariably even people at the bottom of white society have food and shelter, and access to basic services.

Totally understand foreigner fatigue - the "No English teachers" Tinder made me laugh too. I wonder if there's any virgin territory out there, so to speak, where people are still wowed by tall young(ish) blonde westerners. Myanmar/Burma struck me as a possibility, given that it was entirely closed until recently. Plus Aung Sang Suu Kyi was a total hottie when she was young, which gives me yet greater hope. Have you heard much about this neck of the woods?

Some Guy in Vietnam said...

To be blunt with you, I have no interest in giving you any more information about Southeast Asia or anywhere else for you to go probing about. I know absolutely nothing about Myanmar in any case. There are plenty, plenty other resources for one to look up anyhow. Good luck.

As far as white people squalor, I'm referring to Eastern Europe which, in my experience, had plenty of places that wouldn't look out of place in Vietnam or Cambodia. Unless you want to go on with "Slavs aren't white" which then gets into another ethnic debate I have absolutely no stake or interest in.

This has been a nice chat.

englishteacherx said...

But again, and this is the last I intend to write about this -- this is a guy who inherited his wealth, a casino / construction magnate known for a lot of shady financial dealing, bankruptcies, hiring illegal immigrants. Indeed he even married several immigrants. His lack of manners, education, and tact you people apparently consider a plus; okay, fine. I kind of get that. But THIS is the guy who's going to control immigration and restore blue-collar industrial America? This rich realty TV doofus?

He'll sell the White House to the Russians if he could make a buck out of the deal.

Anonymous said...

The Nazis certainly are long-winded, aren't they.

Anonymous said...

All of this completely ignores the role of the lizard people in formenting unrest and performing Satanic rituals on newborn babies.

Filthy Jew said...

Anybody who thinks there's no "white squalor" has never driven through a good chunk of America. Maybe no shantytowns, but plenty of filthy meth-head hotels and delapidated shacks --

"The worst teeth in america / mountain dew mouth"

Look at the master race in action!

englishteacherx said...

Looks like the Trump America all right.

Anonymous said...

Lizard people, the lot of 'em.

Dash said...

You just made up that Nazi character, right X? Like you used to make up those fake comments by long-winded ESL professional types? Now you're doing performance art about Nazis? that's poor taste, man. I think you're a little old for these sorts of shenanigans. There are other blogs that focus on politics, you should leave this stuff to them, you clearly don't even know that much about it.

englishteacherx said...

Here they've villified Zelda Ruebenstein, the cute little person actress who was in Poltergeist, and you're telling me to stay out of it!

Anonymous said...

Queen of the Lizards, X. She drinks the blood of white blue-eyed babies and then dances with the devil in the pale moonlight.

englishteacherx said...

"And when they came for the English teachers, there was no one left to do anything."

Anonymous said...

You don't become a New York (then worldwide) real estate billionaire, make yourself into a hugely famous and valuable brand, and finally win the presidency against the entire media and both establishment parties, if you're a doofus.

Anonymous said...

"Queen of the Lizards, X. She drinks the blood of white blue-eyed babies and then dances with the devil in the pale moonlight."

Google "Podesta emails Spirit cooking"

Anonymous said...

X and the other cucks,

Watch the Ruby
Keep your eye on the Ruby
Sleeep little goy
My shabaz goy, Sleeeeeep

"Yo Lev, got another one!"

englishteacherx said...

I wish it were true that doofuses never became sucessful, or world leaders, but history has not really proven that out.

Some readers might be surprised that Nazis read about the left-leaning, globalist adventures of ETX, but in fact they have been following me for some time, since a post I made about Russian nationalism years ago:

englishteacherx said...

In loving memory of Zelda Rubenstein. Go into the light, little queen.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you are really from the South. Your portrayal of the women is not even close. I was,last year, working at a stadium filled concert of a famous country star in the SE. The people, mostly country folks, came from all over the SE and were mostly in their twenties. I've traveled the world, and these were the most beautiful women and handsome men I have ever seen. Very few fat (a few) and if you like classical beauty, the classical western ideal of beauty, than that was it.

Could it be that the Southern women won't give you a second glance? So you have to go the SE Asia or Russia where everyone knows the ugliest, grossest, western fool can get women?

I wonder who you really are? And if you don't make half the stuff you say up.

Keep your eye off the Ruby!

englishteacherx said...

i guess it's possible there are better looking southern people than in the two towns and one city I lived in. Possible. Looking at that video somebody posted a few commnts back of people in West Virgina, I don't see a lot of classical beauty. I guess the liberal media also made up America's obesity problem?

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, X, you've totally jumped the shark with your fake comments. Try to make them at least a LITTLE believable! Country music concerts filled with classic beauties, yeah, that's gonna happen.

englishteacherx said...

For the record I have not blanketly criticized all American girls in the South -- I did write at some length about the beauty of the girls at the strip club I visited in Miami, and at least some of them must have been native-born Americans.

Anonymous said...

I always know you're making fake comments when you start questioning your own reality.

Anonymous said...

X's comes out of the closet. Miami? The South? You're a fraud for sure and I would put my money on it one of Rubenstein's tribe.

For those of you out there who don't know, Miami is not and never was considered part of the South. It's more like Israel mixed with gay, latin mixed with Haitian voodoo. Not even close. In the South (those of us who are not frauds) we say the farther south you go in Florida the farther north you get. Place is full of guidos, kikes, social justice warriors and the like. Go home X, to Israel where you belong.

Funny. At least we now know.

Anonymous said...

Come on, X, now you're taking the piss with this Fake Nazi comments. Everybody knows Israeli girls are the hottest on the planet.

englishteacherx said...

And I'm a communist and I'm black.

Anonymous said...

@ x,
Is West Virginia the South? NO! How can you confuse this? Are you even American? Makes me really wonder.I think the being from the South thing was thrown in by X just to throw people off his trail. Must be a Yankee or a foreigner (same thing to us true Southerners). X's misanthropy leads one to believe his is of that hateful desert tribe.

englishteacherx said...

hate to quote the liberal media at Wikpedia, but:

"Arizona and New Mexico, which are geographically in the southern part of the country, are rarely considered part of the Southern United States, while West Virginia, which separated from Virginia in 1863,[2] commonly is"

Anonymous said...

Even the dentist in the video says something like "there's a drink called Mountain Dew which is especially popular here in the south." You're not doing much to make your fake comments seem real, Fake Nazi.

Anonymous said...

Trying to inject some political relevency into your now completely irrelevant blog, ETX? It's not working.

englishteacherx said...

Jesus when was the blog ever relevant, and to who?

Anonymous said...

Down round wheres I come from, tha like of you X would be swanging from tha nearest tree.

Keep your eye off the Ruby.

I thank I haer dem banjos a' sangin'.

Alex Thomas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

"Jesus when was the blog ever relevant, and to who?"

To whom.

englishteacherx said...

I was going to write to whom, but thought it sounded snooty.

Anonymous said...

For an ordinary blog yes, but for an English teacher's blog?

Anonymous said...

The liberal readership and X are missing the point as to why there is push-back against increased multicultural demographics.

1. Larger, more diverse groups means an increase in intercultural political agitation for special monies, rights, and privileges (aka: rent). Pushback against increasing the numbers of such groups is a pushback against inevitable political confrontation for resources and other rent in a zero sum game. It's completely natural and understandable, and all foreign nations would or do act the same way against foreign whites when political tension from rent seeking or resource re-allocation becomes critical.

2. In being historically consistent voters for the more liberal party, the immigrants vote against conservative social values. You may not respect those values nor otherwise see people who abide by those values, but those people exist in droves nevertheless and, in voting for Trump, are attempting to reduce the progressive voting public so that their social agendas can survive. You don't have to agree with their agendas to see the clear and correct logic in the strategy.

This topic can be argued, but it should be argued using premises that more or less accurately describe motivations of the electorate. What I described isn't all of it, but you are kidding yourselves if you don't primarily address the motivations of reducing inter-group political competition (historically kept at bay through national separation) and reducing illegal immigration challenges to the democratic power of conservative citizens.