Thursday, January 05, 2017

The Changing Face of English Teaching, Part 3: Peruvian Pussy Fest

In Fall of 2014, I went down to visit a friend who was working teaching English in Arequipa, Peru.

It was a real pussy fest.

A pussy fest for the Peruvian guys fucking all the female American teachers of English. .

I drew this cartoon like 13 years ago:

But the current trend seems to be that the young, hard-partying and student-fucking English teacher is nowadays more likely to be a she.

When I first started teaching, ESL was a boy's club. And a pretty degenerate, unkempt boy's club at that.

There were a few female teachers, of course; maybe about 1 out of every 5 or 6.

Now it seems like at least half, or more than half, are females.

Down there in Peru, most of the teachers at the school my friend worked at were female. (And actually not unattractive, at least the youger ones.)

The same is true at my last job and this job. The guys are older, often married, and the females are the party animals.

Part of the reason is that the same kind of hard-charging guy who used to get into English teaching instead got into being a "digital nomad" with affiliate links or drop shipping or whatever, usually under the auspices of the "manosphere." (And now, it seems, instead of humorless, indignant, stastics-obsessed PUAs, they are now humorless, indignant political pundits.)

Leave it to the ladies to take up the slack!

One of the teachers down in Peru was a good-looking blonde from the Midwest, at a Halloween party, she bemoaned the student loans that were looming over her.

I suggested she go to the Middle East or Vietnam, where she could save some money.

She said, "Dude, I like MEN!"

Just a matter of time before we start seeing "Penis Paradise" websites and e-books, eh?


Anonymous said...

"(And now, it seems, instead of humorless, indignant, stastics-obsessed PUAs, they are now humorless, indignant political pundits.)"

Are you referring to "the Roosh"?

Have to admit most of the manosphere is filled with hypocritcal boneheads, i.e. Krause, Matt Forney..... and the list could go on....

I miss the good old days when some of these places still had Visa requirements, but such is progress in our gobalized world. BTW for someone concerned with ther health, how could you live in a shithole poluted place like China?

englishteacherx said...

China has a lot of cool stuff, which I have always wanted to see. And the money and vacation time is good.

Some Guy in Vietnam said...

One of the biggest culture shocks when I went to Spain from Asia was how the dynamics of expat life were completely reversed.

In Japan and Vietnam, you almost always had some man dating or married to a local. Occasionally the women would date or even get hitched to a local but the majority preferred dating other men and you'd sometimes even see them expat marriages happen.

In Spain, just about every girl in my class who had lived in Spain long-term had or had had a local boyfriend if not fiance or were on the prowl. The men, generally, tended to fornicate amongst other expats or the odd European also studying abroad. I don't I heard of a single expat man dating a Spaniard, but it was kind of a dark time for me so didn't really care either.

Darzin said...

Another thing I've noticed is English teachers not even bothering to interact much with the locals at all, with a more gender equal expat pool people seem less interested in dealing with cultural issues and just date and hang out with each other. Of my foreign friends in Vietnam only me and one other dude had a circle of Vietnamese friends the rest hung out with foreigners almost exclusively. I'm in China now and t's not as bad, but still many people have almost no local friends.

Anonymous said...

In reference to SGiA's comment comparing East Asia with Spain, I would say that there are two critical factors to consider when assessing a nation for it's propensity to host playgirls.

The metropoles masculinos of the world not beset with instability or economically undeveloped are still few in number, and to this limited body the western female TEFL teacher adds her own physiognomic preferences. The well known exogamic activity of elderly German females in eastern African nations notwithstanding, female TEFL (sex)educational work generally trends towards employment in either Mediterranean nations, the GCC, or Latin America. This is a result of the above regions' enduring connections with the global capital and labour markets and the geographic overlap with somatotonic characteristics of the local male inhabitants.

The second important factor determining suitability of a region for a female (sex)venturer "teacher" is the extent of local competition. Spain, though identified as located within the Individualist quadrant in the Inglehart - Wetzel chart, is located closer to the collectivist and survivalist thresholds than most other European nations. The resulting modesty of Spanish (Mediterranean) women, therefore, makes the comparative sluttiness of English, Irish, American, Canadian, etc., females a major selling point to local men.

Those TEFLing females seeking employment in either the small penis regions of hyper-capitalist East Asia, or the heavily competitive eastern European regions fall respectively within the first and second parts of this study.

Anonymous said...

Old days, whateeer that means, say 13 years ago, only a few women were out there. I always wondered why any Anglo woman would ever leave the Anglo sphere. And the women abroad were miserable. Almost all got out of "freak universe" back to the comfort of the degenerate gender relations back home, but some stayed because teh work was easy.

For women to do this ESL crap, is another marker of their grooming, since childhood, to disrespect their men. Peru?? It's like a dark Asian man, lol. I can see Brazil or Colombia; daddy will get indignant with a dirty appendage in his 'princess.'

It's also an indication of demasculation of Western men. If a man is taught since childhood to be wimpy and socially ostracized, while at the same time prostrating for women, that's not very attractive to women, I would imagine.

In Japan, in my day, the ANglo women would swoop on the new guy, hoping to snag him before he was clued in to the local culture. We gave the ladies cute nicknames like whale and frown-wrinkle--they were a great backdrop to us spreading our wings, living a life to be dreamed, only noticing them as they got more overweight and violent at the lack of male attention.

Even with the systemeatic destruction of the Western male, who are these Western women in Peru? In Italy, there were many American women, who invariably got hosed by the players, but Italy at least had social proof and suave guys.