Sunday, March 12, 2017

TEFLpocolypse 2017: Take Shelter

It almost seemed too good to be true, this contract in China, considering the ongoing TEFLpocolypse.

I was offered a job with barely a ten minute interview, there were no particular hassles about my qualifications, and the terms are pretty much equal to my first job in Saudi -- $4000 a month plus accommodation and 3 months paid vacation time. 

Almost too good to be true, and turns out it kind of was. 

Two of my colleagues were up for contract renewals recently, and this week found out they wouldn't be offered new contracts. There are perfectly good teachers with qualifications, who are in China with spouses and kids.  

Now they're scrambling to find jobs. 

Word is that the school is going to be hiring more bilingual Chinese teachers next year, and the contracts for international teachers will involve about 20 percent more teaching and 20 percent less salary. 

The rumors are flying around the office, of course. Private international schools are being legislated against, and there's a story that it will now be impossible for a foreigner to work in Beijing for more than 5 years. (I can't find any immediate confirmation of that online.) 

This is definitely one of the hardest jobs I've had, in terms of the students. Everything I'd ever heard about Chinese kids -- that they were respectful, orderly, studious, quiet, and well-behaved -- is absolutely incorrect here. Management is a wreck; pretty much every single management position was vacated at Christmas, and new people are struggling to figure out what's going on. Something like a half-dozen teachers left at Christmas, fed up with the terrible students, inconsistent management, and the isolated location. 

(We're in a new development an hour from Beijing, basically in a construction zone, so most of the teachers had spotty internet service and constant noise. I'm at the front of the compound so haven't suffered that much, and truthfully most of the ones that left were people with a lot of experience teaching back home but not much time abroad, ergo had unreasonable expectations. Like civilization and stuff.) 

But after a rocky start and a conflict with the dotty old lady who was my immediate superior, who also left at Christmas, I;m actually kind of enjoying teaching the spoiled, neglected little shits now. I use to train them like Pavlov dogs, and it works a treat. 

Still it seems this job won't last more than the 2 year contract I have now, ending summer of 2018. 

My teaching philosophy nowadays is basically "take the money and run" anyway. X remains if not fearless, than at least resigned, in the face of a profession, and a world, that is rapidly burning to the ground. 

"The world is not the same as it was. Mutants ... they're gone now."


Anonymous said...

Wait are you supposed to be Logan or Professor X?

Anonymous said...

You could go back to writing erotica, but that ship seems to also have sailed. Word has it that the erotica gold rush has turned into the romance novel gold rush. Get in while you can X!

Darzin said...

Any plans after China? If you're looking for a similar private school gig I hear the Nazarbayev schools in Kazakhstan pay quite well.

Jug Jugette said...

How you can bear teaching brats I have no idea. Personally I haven't gone near anyone but adult students for twenty years now, far less stressful and more somnolent.

englishteacherx said...

I'll begin perusing the international school market I guess, see what's out there. Figure I'll do some IB qualifications somewhere here in the next year or so, and hopefully complete my Master's degree. (About halfway through it now.)

They kind of bait-and-switched me regarding the kids; I was told I'd be working in the high school but they stuck me in the middle school. Teaching monkeys would be easier, I think, because you could toss them food.

No, I'm supposed to be the little girl in the LOGAN video.

Anonymous said...

Get back to Vodkaberg and banging hot chicks, posting pics and telling amusing stories about it all.

englishteacherx said...

Jesus fucking Christ, have they found a way for time to run backwards? That Russia died forever with Putin's reclaiming the throne again in 2012. Russian girls are all angry nationalists pushing baby carriages now.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree with your Russian analysis. If you read through forums like Rooshv you find guys trying to get there asses to places like Russia and Ukraine thinking it was 1999 or something. Like they'd be greeted as "Great White Elephant Hunters." Slav women throwing themselves at their pathetic feet like they had never seen a westerner before. How can they not have figured by now that those ships have long ago sailed? First Ukraine dropping its Visa requirements, then with the rise of Putin's Russia and Russian nationalism.

Anonymous said...

X you are a fool. Get a job at a public institution. Then there is the loser, go to a foreign country to get laid thing. Pathetic people on here. I for one and very happy that Russia got its house in order and that the women there don't throw themselves at fags like you.

erzeze ze said...

Well said if you have the chance to work for a public institution in a developed country, you'll make more money. Then, you can still take a 6-month leave and fuck desperate women in third world countries, but with the guarantee that a job is waiting for you back home.

englishteacherx said...

I don't even know what "public institution" means, even after looking it up. You couldn't be referring to the US public school and uni system. US School teachers make less than Wal Mart employees in many states, and the recent rise of the no-contract "adjunct faculty" at colleges and universities in America also makes that a low-paying, no-benefit, terrible prospect job. Believe me, I looked into it.

I worked for the US government indirectly last year, in the form of a contracting company training program, and while it wasn't unbearable, the package was considerably less attractive than this one, with less take-home and 1/4 the holidays, and as I mentioned, more than half of the teachers got laid off shortly after I left.

Anonymous said...

Your time in the Heartland didn't allow you to reconnect with your traditional American values, like obesity, bigotry and meth addiction?

erzeze ze said...

In Belgium, public sector salaries are the same or sometimes higher than in private sector. Also there are several benefits like extended holidays; I have a collegue who goes on fuck tour every year for a period of 4 months in Asia and then comes back to Belgium when spring starts.