Saturday, June 18, 2005

Magnificent Desolation

Came out of the nightclub full of 17-year-olds this morning at 5:30am, me, a 40 year old married American, and a 50 year old Irish guy. The Irish guy had to go buy a bus ticket, so we went to the bus station and got the ticket, and treated ourselves to breakfast beers at the bus station bar. We considered having some steamed hamburgers, but to just have more beer.

Then we decided to walk over to the Pirate Disc Market to see if it was open yet. It wasn't. Walking around it, I noticed an abandoned half-constructed apartment block over a hill nearby. We walked into what I can only describe as the most magnificent desolation I've ever seen -- something like a cross between a landfill and a swamp, with five stories of half-completed concrete apartment house towering over it, big strange chunks of metal and abandoned construction equipment here and there, crumbling sheets of concrete, and most interestingly a half-completed drainage system and little concrete shelters that I assume were probably going to be guard stations.

We wandered drunkenly about in the empty apartment for a while, the floors littered with crumbled concrete, hypodermic needles and the occasional condom, and the Irish guy said, "So, did you ever imagine when you were a child that your life would bring you to this place and this time?"

"Unfortunately. . . yes," I replied.

My digital camera got stolen by the cops last October, but I'll probably buy a new one soon and I've GOT to get some pictures of this.

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