Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Sorry I haven't written anything, I've been busy.

If "busy" can be defined as "hanging endlessly around the beach or cafes on the embankment drinking beer and chatting up girls."


Anonymous said...

So I was down at the club, just minding my own, when in walked this prime piece of Ruski pootang.

I boffed her, drank some vodka, got threatened by her friend, drank some more, went to the beach, boffed her again and went to sleep.

Gao Kid said...

You are full of bullshit than that time I worked as Style Consultant to Kevin Federline.

Ya' old, bald, lethargic, lacking in ambition mother-fucker!! If I were you, I would go back home and sell Burgers to other low-life, no-hope, dumb-ass, sister-fucking pieces of shit.