Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Prague Ague

Just got back from 4 days in Prague (for visa reasons) -- seems even nicer than I remember -- the shopkeepers are friendlier, anyway, although maybe that's just compared to Russia. And a lot more good restaurants than there used to be. Prices are still very low, too.

A hell of a lot of drunken idiotic British though -- apparently Prague is now the "stag party" capital of Europe.

Now of course it would be easy to launch into a tiradeabout how tourism is wearing the world flat, etc, butwhat people usually mean when they say that is,"Tourism should only be allowed for people assensitive and intelligent as myself!" And what's thealternative -- completely closing all cities totourism? Leaving the great sights of the worldvisible only to the elite? No one ever offers a sensible solution when they say tourism sucks. Andit's always people who travel a lot who complain themost about tourism -- so if you don't like it, startcleaning up your own back yard. So to speak. Stay home, that way the shortcomings of tourism won't bother you in the least.

Er, unless you happen to live in a heavily touristed city.

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