Monday, July 18, 2005

Fame Finally Knocks

Here is an article that was in a local newspaper -- it concerned the attempts of a certain girl, one "Olga Dementova" to find a husband among the foreign English teachers of our city:

(Crudely translated by -- I have subsituted English Teacher X for my first name, which is used with no reference to my surname.)

Type the third - American In America English Teacher X it practiced by historian, but, after arriving here, it were trained for a new profession into the instructor of English. Merry and lighthearted, a question "How are you?" it always answered: "Fine" It respected American food, cafe on the embankment and night clubs.

Olga walked to be entertained with it. English Teacher X it shattered the myth about the fact that they love to drink and very often this only Russians make. To pass krujecku- other it was not away at any time. As soon as alcohol began to play in the veins, its generosity did not know boundaries. Champagne flowed by river... And it became the most igniting dancer of any party. Many joint marches concluded with the fact that for Olga it was necessary to pay taxi and to send English Teacher X in the unconscious state home to be measured off.

This sybarite of life occupied money to the wage, in addition in Olga, poor student.

- it was first gay, then not very... these binges each time they concluded with one and the same. Now we associate with it already more thinly, but our ways and to this day intersect at any local get-togethers. When there is no money, but soul requires holiday, I know, whom to ring and then to be cheered until the morning. But to have serious relations with this person is impossible.


That's far from being the worst thing anybody has ever said about me, but it's bullshit -- I never knew anybody by that name, and the things she says about other teachers leads me to believe it was a particularly nutty student of English Teacher A, who he boffed once but then wouldn't start dating. She tried to get after me a few times to make A jealous, but I never "cheered her until the morning" as she says.

The rest of it, well. . .

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English Teacher M said...

Never Fear. English Teacher M remembers you and if you can wait for the Grand Return to Vodkatown or wherever the hell we are or where. Maybe your dry spell will end then. Papa bear will growl for you. GGGGGrrrrr. Whoa, wait a minute, I can't, the penis spiders have attacked. Well they should be gone by then. Get on English Teacher P to read his Damn Email and get back to me. I need it for The Grand Return.