Thursday, July 14, 2005

Sexual Stalemate

Went to the nightclub last night -- there's a sort of massive stalement of sex going on there now -- it's strange. Everybody who goes there knows everybody else, and since they're either having sex with them, having sex with somebody they know, or counting on them to buy drinks, everybody finds themselves in a touchy situation with just about everybody, not wanting to make anybody jealous and get their sex or alcohol cut off.

For example, there were no less than five girls I knew there last night, all of whom I've had some kind of sexual contact, if not sex, with, two of whom invited me specifically there, and all of whom had their FRIENDS there, which when emphasized means "The guy who pays for most of my clothes and drinks." Nonetheless, I had to tread rather lightly in talking to this five, as they all became indignant that I was talking with other girls.

One who invited me spent a half-hour or so making out with me in the corner and drinking my drinks, then after she was drunk she went off and made out with another guy, and then when he left started kissing another guy, who I think she had just met, and ended up going home with him. (She also offered to introduce me to 'the love of her life' on the weekend. This is one of the two cousins I took home a couple months ago, incidentally.)

I then ended up in the corner making out with another cute blonde I know, but she wouldn't go home with me because she was there with her female friend, who had hooked up with me one other time, and didn't want to make her jealous.

Sheesh. I knew whores in Bangkok who would be shocked and outraged by such whorish behaviour.

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