Monday, August 08, 2005

On Alien Invasion

I saw WAR OF THE WORLDS -- some pretty impressive and scary scenes of mass destruction rather scuttled by one of the stupidest premises I've ever heard -- the aliens (never identified as Martians, in the film) had buried their tripod war machines underneath major cities hundreds, thousands, or (as one man suggests) millions of years ago, then activated them by zapping inside of them in little capsules.

And these things were HUGE -- in all the years, no geological survey, no mine, no archaeological excavation, no oil drilling, no radar ultrasound, no earthquake EVER REVEALED EVEN ONE, when there seemed to be hundreds of them buried all around the world? Simply retarded. And why didn't the aliens just take the Earth all those years ago, if they wanted it? And why would they get out of their war machines and get out and run around without any protective clothing whatsoever? They have the technology to make death rays, but not antibiotics? They were almost dumber than those water-allergic aliens in SIGNS.

Now INDEPENDENCE DAY was not much of a movie, but those aliens had the right idea -- vaporize major cities until the enemy surrenders, then worry about the occupation. No need to get out and run around on rooftops and bullshit like that.

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