Sunday, September 18, 2005

I Have a Knife

I have this knife, which I bought for 50 rubles at a market one time when I was drunk, wandering around with my friends. It's a real juvenile delinquent weapon -- a butterfly knife with a blade which has many wicked serrations. It's not especially sharp, but if you stabbed somebody with it, there would be a nasty wound indeed.

I don't carry it around with me, because I'm more afraid of being stopped by the cops than I am of getting into a situation where I need to stab somebody.

I like to play with it while I'm watching movies on DVD.

And people wonder why I never married. . .


1 comment:

English Teacher M said...

I remember the knife. You haven't wounded yourself with it yet and left a big nasty gash of a scar. I am surprised. The plastic gun was a bit to dangerous in my mind, much less a real knife. By the way, speaking of violence, SAW II is out in a few days. Of course it is probably taking up space in the 30 ruble junk box at the Book Market already. I'll be back to Vodkaburg or Beertown or Vodkaville or that place I was and you are, soon. So watch out, 'cause I been fattenin' up on greasy gizzards and bacon.