Monday, September 12, 2005

Bet Ya He Makes It To The Median Strip

We went to a market in the sort of baddish part of town to look for a second-hand mobile phone. (That is, stolen.) Later we were walking around looking for a cafe. We saw a drunk stagger past; his clothes looks reasonably new, so he probably wasn't a bum, but he was covered with dirt and completely blind drunk. He staggered out into the middle of the street and fell down.

There were some cops nearby; they began laughing hysterically, watching as the drunk struggled to get up. A couple of cars swerved past him, barely missing him.

Finally he staggered to his feet and made it to the median strip and collapsed.

The cops laughed and shook their heads and got in their car and drove away.

Looking for some crime to fight, undoubtedly.

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