Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Real American Soul

It often happens that you end up, in Russia, sitting in somebody's kitchen drinking vodka eating sausage and pickles and whatnot, and people start singing. They know a lot of songs, these Russkies, and it seems like every damn one of them plays the guitar.

Then of course somebody eventually asks you, "So, sing us an American song, a traditional one that really shows the American soul."

I always choose "Freebird."

I can't really do the guitar solo, but otherwise I think I really rock.

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w said...

It sure does! I don't know what I could sing on a guitar, sing on a guitar, that sounds weird doesn't it ? who cares ? not me, anyway, some song from my country (my country ?). No, I'm not full of vodka, neither beer, now the international, official alcohol, just some bread alcohol, just need to put my beret, just to look like all those tourist with their lonely planet want me to look like. Otherwise everything is fine. I can't sing a song anyway, maybe sometimes, if you're sexy and I'm not sober. Cheers.