Friday, January 27, 2006

Heal! And I don't give a damn if you have faith!

A friend of mine's father fell extremely ill one day and was rushed to the hospital. He was diagnosed first with blood poisoning of unknown origin; a bit later they discovered he had a tumour in his stomach that was blocking a bile duct (or something) and causing it to back up into his blood.

He was extremely sick; unable to do more than lie in bed and groan, and he was visibly yellow, apparently.

They had heard about a herbalist and psyhcic healer in a village near here, and after he got out of the hospital they decided to go to her, after a friend swore by her.

She put him on some different herbs and did whatever psychic healers do. He was skeptical, said my friend; but the psychic replied, "It doesn't matter whether you believe it or not, I can heal you."

Now of course, that's the right answer, as far as I'm concerned.

Within a week the amound of white blood cells (that is, infective matter) in his system was halved, and then she said she would remove the tumour.

And damned if she didn't. The next x-ray showed the tumour was completely gone.

He's now back at work and feeling fine.

I of course said to my friend, "Uh, now why isn't this person world famous?"

"I asked her that, and she said that she had more than enough work to do around here and wouldn't have nearly enough time to cope with travelling around the world healing people."


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The Vodka really has had a negative effect on your tiny little brainy, hasn't it? Do you repeat tales about bigfoot too? jeez