Monday, January 16, 2006

A Bit Nipply

It was 30 degrees below zero, celsius, at 1:00pm today. (That's about the same, farenheit.) Somewhere around 35 below now, at 8:04pm. With windchill, who the fuck knows, probably like 50 below zero.

You have to tape the cracks around the windows, that's the first thing. Then, put on the old long undies and move briskly . . . no time to linger. . .

There's a whole segment on the news devoted to identifying the various old people and drunks who freeze to death in the winter; they show their boots and watches and stuff and say where they were found, etc.

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Anonymous said...

Same here in Lithuania mate. I have no water as the well pipe has frozen and the car has died. Still had to go to school though even if the kids didn't. Thank God for double glazing. Beats the twisted newspaper and tape nonsense.
English Teacher Drakshug.