Saturday, February 25, 2006

Another Evening

Last night I mistakenly made dates with two women at the same time. I had promised to go out with one, but had met another the night before, and my casual suggestion to meet sometime she decided to take me up on immediately.

So we all ended up going to a nightclub together. A bit of a problem, because one of the girls is kind of a snob and thought the other one was a cheap trollop.

(Admittedly she kind of looks like one, and probably is, but I'm not really inclined to differentiate much between a cheap trollop and an expensive trollop.)

So the snobby one finally went off to a party at another nightclub, which would have left me alone with the cheap trollop, but then an Armenian gangster who the cheap trollop knew arrived, so she had to stay with him. This after I spent quite a lot of money on her, even getting a Turkish water pipe to smoke (this is a very trendy thing to do in Russian nightclubs.)

I decided to go home at 2:00am, tired from three days of partying (a long weekend to celebrate the Heroes of Motherland Defense, or some shit) but then another girl I know made a booty call to me (the girl in the boots from the picture), inviting me to the flat where she was getting drunk with a couple of other girls, making little bones about the fact she was calling because she was horny.

So, I went there, and had sex with her until 4:00am or so after the other two girls fell asleep.

I wonder if that qualifies as a good night. I suppose so. I didn't get my skull cracked, at least. The Armenian gangster didn't buy me any drinks though.

My penis hurts, though, too. The girl in the white boots is insatiable.

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