Monday, March 20, 2006

Cultural Shit

I always manage to rub the culture of whatever country i'm in the wrong way -- in Thailand it was because i didn't smile like a moron all the time, in Korea it was vaugely related to the fact that i didn't like Korean pop music, nor karaoke.

So I thought Russia should be easy beans, because it's a country where everyone is pretty much constantly surly, drunk, selfish and rude. I should fit right in.

But there's one thing I can't get used to, and it causes problems.

See, in Russia, everytime you see a guy that you know, you're supposed to shake hands. (To a limit of twice a day, I suppose -- the first time you see a guy and the last time.) This is a gesture of respect among equals.

Now I always forget about that. It seems stupid to me, and I never think about it.

So all the drivers and workmen at our school don't like me because I never shake hands with them.


Anonymous said...

Awww! poor teachieX, no one loves him? diddumms.
Come on wake up and smell the vodka on your rotting teeth, its nothing to do with handshakes: its cos they all think you are a kunt!

English Teacher X said...

Oh well, geez, I never thought about it that way. . .

Anonymous said...

haha probably so! buttfuck it! i got used to it and kinda like this custom but i do sometimes forget and it can get messy [;

English Teacher AmE in Poland