Thursday, March 23, 2006

Risks of the Business

So this girl I know comes over last night. This morning we had sex when we woke up around eleven.

Then I go into the bathroom, fragrant with the usual musk and pheremones and sweat, and there's no fucking water at all.

None. No hot, no cold.

A class was scheduled for one-thirty today -- by that time it was almost tweleve. I take the girl to the bus stop and then run down to my sports club -- a twenty-minute walk or so -- and have a shower and get in the sauna a few times. Annoyingly I forgot my towel, and had to use my t-shirt for one.

Then I go grab a couple of sushi rolls and some trail-mix at the supermarket by way of lunch, and get back here at 1:20, ten minutes before the driver is supposed to arrive to take me to the class.

I sit down to check my email, and the school calls me and tells me that the class is cancelled for the day.

Another day in the life of a professional English teacher abroad.


Anonymous said...

That's a great day-you're up washed, fucked and no handshaking--- 'class cancelled' is one of the greatest phrases in the language, don't knock it
also the early morning shag and then having a good reason to say bye-priceless

Anonymous said...

totally agree, although now I find myslef wanting to get rid of the chick right after busting my load. Today I woke up with a girl I met last night and asked myself was it worth it? Getting your dick sucked but then having her sleep with you and having to look at her face and kiss her too many times!! FUCK, THIS IS MY PROBLEM!!!

Anonymous said...

YOu r heading for the whores- no kissing and they wanna leave as soon as pos- you pay for the release!
ps-not enuff about russ whores on this site

English Teacher X said...

Who needs Russian whores when regular girls will have sex with me for free, or at least the price of a few drinks and the vague belief that I might someday marry them?

Anonymous said...

Are all Russians masochists?