Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cracked Skulls

Another horrible accident last Sunday -- at the tail end of a lengthy drinking session at the embankment, one of the teachers managed to fall down the steps, go backwards over a concrete trashcan and smack his head on the pavement and knock himself unconscious.

This of course meant we had to go to the hospital, which always depresses me. The hospital in SILENT HILL has nothing on Russian hospitals. There was a guy laying on a stretcher in the hallway who looked like he'd been beaten to within an inch of his life, just covered with blood -- maybe a car accident, but i doubt it, because his right hand was heavily bandaged. And it was mostly the center of his face that was fucked up.

The doctor occasionally came out and tried to speak with him but he was too drunk to respond, if in fact his brains hadn't been beaten to jelly anyway. So they just let him lie there.

Our colleage is in for two days of observation but x-rays reveals nothing serious. Add this to the list of smashed appendages, bitten hands, severed arteries and general ass-whuppings. . . wonder nobody's been killed. Yet.

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