Monday, July 31, 2006

Far Too Long, Far Far Too Long

Among the many other signs that I've been in this place too long:

I saw a former student from a few years ago the other day; I asked her what she was doing now and she said, "I'm living in Paris now."

I thought, "Jesus Christ, who the fuck would want to live in Paris, would you could be living here?"

Here -- grimy provincial Russia. As opposed to a world capital of culture and history like Paris.

But I stand by the thought. Might be fun to sit on the roof and watch the African and Arab rioters burn stuff, but other than that, I'm sure it's boring as hell in Paris these days.


Anonymous said...

english said:
"WOULD you could be living here?"

Did you really think that? Sounds like all that cheap vodka may be affecting your dome.

By the way, many of those "Africans" and "Arabs" were born and raised in Paris; that many still label them as you have is a huge part of the problem, IMO.

Anyway, I dig your sites and have been checking them regularly. Keep it up!

English Teacher X said...

Do they prefer like, "Franco-Arab" and "Franco-African"?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure, but I will ask, all of them ;-) No, seriously, I will ask, one of them.

Kinda like the Latinos/Hispanics/Chicanos/Americans/Mexicans.

Can we call someone "Mexican" if they have never been to Mexico nor speak the language? And for an "African" who has never been to Africa nor speaks the language?

You've been to Russia and speak it a little, are you Russian?

I don't mean to bore you, although I can be quite a bore sometime, if not all the time.

Anonymous said...

Also, I am little familiar with the Chicano movement here in CA and less so with the "Franco-Arab" movement in France. But, normally, one of the main objectives of such movements is to reconcile the paradox of being neither from here nor there,while being from both at the same time. The trick is, as the Chicanos have done, is to create a new identity that aknowledges the paradox and puts a mew name on it, like Chicano. I don't know how far along the "Franco-Arabs" have come, but when I do, I'll let you know; if you're still interested, of course. For some reason, I doubt that they'll choose "Franco-Arab," mais, je sais pas. Cheers.

English Teacher X said...

I suppose I probably just should have said "Fun to watch the rioters burn stuff." I wouldn't particularly more enjoy watching people of African heritage burn things than I would people of say, Polish or German or Lithuanian exraction.

I dream of a world when people of all colors and creeds will be united, burning stuff. . .

Anonymous said...

Yo english take some pictures man! I took a train from Przemysl Poland to Odessa 2 weeks ago. WOW the girls are just amazing! Very rude though! Not like in Lviv! I'd like to see some more talent from your mystery city!

wildchild said...

english said:
"I dream of a world when people of all colors and creeds will be united, burning stuff. . ."

Bienvenido a la revolucion, mi hermano!

p.s. I am the one who posted the first three comments here, I decided to use my username now. I thought that might help you to figure out who is who. Cheers!