Wednesday, September 20, 2006

All Cultured And Shit

Oh sure, you may say, Vodkaberg has plenty of shopping malls now, but what about true cultural opportunities?

Not just one, but TWO will be arriving this winter.

1) Electric Light Orchestra, live at the Philharmonic
2) A-Ha, live at the Sports Arena

Man, I wonder if ELO will play anything off the "Xanadu" soundtrack. I'm taking my roller-skates.

Also, I got on the tram today and sitting in one of the front seats was a young guy bleeding profusely from a scalp-wound. He was fucking gushing the stuff. Not sure if he was drunk or had been beaten up . . . but of course, people on the tram, including the ticket-taker, had no idea what to do about the situation, other than stay well enough away from him not to get bled on.

1 comment:

GB Shannon said...

Get with it man; open wounds are the new piercings. The guy was just so cutting edge that you were not aware yet. Amputees are considered gods to them.