Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tanks For The Memories

Well, looks like there's been another military coup in Thailand. It's no big deal though because the King always tells them to back off after they gun down a few hundred innocent civilians.

Probably because of that goofball English teacher that confessed to the JonBenet Ramsey murder. Reprecussions which shook up the government.

Man, I wonder if you can still buy beer during a military coup. I remember when the King's mother died back in the 90's, you couldn't legally drink for three days. Which didn't mean you couldn't buy beer, you just had to put it in a glass and hide the bottle under the table.

Oh, I posted a new cartoon on the website, too. Hopefully start updating the sight more, since my dozens of fans are clamoring for it.


Anonymous said...

i wish you'd update your sight.

Anonymous said...

Gen Sonthi Boonyaratglin has announced that "the success of the coup now depends on doing what we should have done years ago--round up all English teachers and shoot them. I suggest other countries do the same." His remarks were met with spontaneous celebrations. "It's about damn time!" commented Yognip Poontrap, a supporter of the coup.

Anonymous said...

'dozen's of fans' They are not fans they are pall bearers; it's like people gathering to watch a car crash so maybe thay can get close to a corpse or, as in your case, a truely damaged individual bleeding in public

English Teacher X said...

Gosh. . . you make it sound so romantic. Is that you, Chastity?

Anonymous said...

The coup did nothing but replace one bunch of incompetent gangsters with another, only this time sponsored by the living diety himself.

Although, it was interesting to see the military wheel out the vintage tanks.. :P