Friday, September 08, 2006

If the stingrays got Steve Irwin, what chance do the rest of us have?

A very particular hell is reserved for all of us, of this I have no doubt, and the one waiting for English Teacher X would be very much like the one that I am now experiencing.

Forced to chop up endless pieces of paper, make detailed lesson plans, dig through tons of resource books and cut out picture after picture from magazines and such, tightly controlled drills and every class moment accounted for. . .


But I'll bullshit my way through it. I always do. Although if English Teacher X still had any balls, I'd go into my final class and talk about the phonemics of porno sounds, the various grammatical forms of FUCK and do a reading exercise based on Chuck Palahuniak's GUTS story. See if I could make somebody faint.



Anonymous said...

Good luck with the DELTA. I followed up your link to the 'GUTS' story. A very haunting piece of sordid writing. I read a bit more about the fight club author... I haven't been that fascinated with reading for ages so thanks.

As for your phonemes... I did something simillar and higlighted all those phonemes in red. I wonder why specific sounds feel good to hear?

Teacher A :)

GB Shannon said...

I hear it was a mob hit. Most of your craftier gangsters use stingray barbs these days.

svenhassel said...

go go go english teechur x. we believe in you.