Friday, September 15, 2006

. . . and then he walked away, never to return

Well. . . hundreds of photocopies, dozens of pages of essays, hours and hours and hours spent hunched over the computer, a good ten or so coma-inducing books I had to read, and 10 hours of assessed classes later. . .

I'm finished.

I think I passed. If I didn't, I will only return to London to hunt down and kill painfully every person involved in this program.

Something of a sense of anti-climax, of course. One expects a moment of truth, but it turns out to be just another day.

I'm off to get drunk! Y'all take care.


Anonymous said...

course you passed-you paid for it right? You think this is a REAL qualification? you really think they fail people?
Quote'i think i passed'That is one of the most lamentable, pathetic cringe inducing statements I have read in a long time-especially coming from you! We read your stuff to get away from bullshit. You have lost it x your balls are gone wrapped up in theories of no practical use whatsoever.
ps I stopped smoking today

English Teacher X said...

Oh, they fail people, Mr. Anonymous -- we were given a set of about ten final assessments of former candidates, with some examples of people who failed -- mostly for just standing there and yammering away, or for being badly organized, etc.

A statistic I was given is that along the way of the DELTA, only 60 percent of people complete it, and about 90 percent pass.

Regarding the CELTA, about 40 percent complete it, and about 95 percent pass.

Dude, this isn't Talk and Teach, or whatever they're fucking called, or Bob's International English Certificate! This in mutherfucking Trinity College, man . . .

Congratulations on getting off the rock though. Nobody dances with the White Lady for long and lives to tell the tale.