Saturday, November 25, 2006

Alarming Rise in Nationalism, and High Heels.

Gosh. Another outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin has died under mysterious and unpleasant circumstances.

The general feeling among the flathead contingent is not that Putin was somehow responsible, but that these deaths are actually orchestrated by the CIA in an effort to discredit the Kremlin. Yeah, well, I don't see any good guys to root for anywhere, anymore.

All the new guys who come here are still thinking they're in Slut and Alcohol Paradise, but I spoke with an African student I know who has been here a while last night, and he agreed: something strange is going on here. A frightening rise in Nationalism -- with of course a lot of good old fashioned greed and xenophobia. It's like Berlin in the 30's, or the Reagan 80's in America, I'm not sure which.

Of course, that African student was with one of the hottest chicks I've seen in my entire life. So you take the good, you take the bad, I suppose.

And here's one for the foot fetishists:


Muffy said...

What the hell do these niggers think they are doing with these beautiful Russian women? Just as long as they don't create mulatto babies with them.. pfft well this "hot Russian girl" must have been a prostitute to go near a nigger.. I mean how retarded is she? What a waste of her precious genes on a monkey!!!!!!!

English Teacher X said...

Yeah, it's hard to imagine anybody would go out with a black guy, when they could be out with a charming and intelligent person such as yourself.

What the hell kind of Nazi name is "Muffy" anyway?

Gavril said...

Sorry if my less erudite colleague Muffy didn't express himself very well. I'm afraid his emotions may have gotten away fron him.

I fully support his contention though, that blacks are, by and large subhumans, with whom only poor, ignorant and low-class Russian girls would defile themselves.

Far too often, I've seen a poor Russian girl's life ruined by a visiting African student, who had a little money with which to seduce her. Usually, the African leaves her with an unwanted "child", a SID, or both. Her life is effectively destroyed, as no self respecting Russian man will touch her.

At least, the African had his sex holiday. There is a special place in hell for you pieces of excrement.

BTW, "Muffy" and I thank you for the "Nazi" complement. You should know that being a White Nationalist isn't the same as being a National Socialist. However, since the average IQ of a black is under 80, you are to be forgiven.

And please, feel free to wander the streets of any of our cities, preferably at night. You'll be at least as safe as a white man is in any large city in the United States.

English Teacher X said...
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English Teacher X said...

Well, my god, you meteorologists are sure a prickly bunch! You give the science a bad name! Does the national association of meteorologists know about your racism??!! And I'm, uh, white. Though I do like fried chicken occasionally.

So am I to understand it that only black men treat women badly and leave them with unwanted children? Gee that's funny, because there aren't many Africans in Russia -- assuredly no more than 1000, in a country of 150,000,000 -- and there are a huge numbers of abortions, single mothers, teen pregnancy, HIV, heroin addiction, spousal abuse, street crime, and of course littering.

Man. . . those Africans must be really busy. . .

Anonymous said...

" So am I to understand it that only black men treat women badly and leave them with unwanted children? Gee that's funny, because there aren't many Africans in Russia -- assuredly no more than 1000, in a country of 150,000,000...Man. . . those Africans must be really busy. . .

I think the racist meteorologists are just jealous, that's all.

They obviously don't have many opportunities to get laid themselves since they're all no doubt living in their parents' converted garages.

(Unless, of course, you count the inbreeding with their sisters and cousins).

Anonymous said...

If you want to show the more erudite side of White Nationalism, wouldn't it be a good idea to thank EtX for his 'Nazi compliment'?

However, since the average IQ of a White Nationalist is under 40, you are to be forgiven.