Tuesday, November 07, 2006

How I Spent the Day of Peace and Unity

Today is the holiday in Russia on which the October Revolution used to be celebrated. Through some changes in the type of calendar used, the October Revolution ended up being celebrated on November 7 every year. Go figure.

Putin is big on public holidays, perhaps just as well since he doesn't seem to be too much on public elections, so the holiday has been retained in the post-Communist era -- there has been a lot of talk about what in fact should be celebrated on this day. The most recent decision has been to call it "The Day of Peace and Unity," which seems like a pretty good thing to celebrate, if you're celebrating something.

I was going to do something healthy and outdoorsy today, despite the shitty grey cold weather, but English Teacher P woke me up at noon and came over and cooked eggs and sausage and bacon, and then we had some vodka. He left about four and I decided that , for a man of my generation, I've spent relatively little time using the Internet and playing computer games, so I spent the rest of the evening doing that. (It's 3:00am now.)

I went to perverse-sex chatrooms trying to find some bored girl to have a cyber-wank with, but the only one I could find was a girl who wanted to role-play having sex with a Rottweiler.

Man, people are freaky.

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