Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My Fifteen Minutes

So as I said, the TV journalist wife of English Teacher R made a program about Halloween, and filmed me buying and carving a pumpkin, interviewed me, and filmed a bit of the party (before it was prematurely aborted). In addition there's an interview with a Catholic priest and the (extremely small) Goth community in Vodkaberg.

It wasn't as bad a smear-job as I was expecting on the foreigners, although I do look pretty hungover and middle-aged. That's hardly her fault, though.


Anonymous said...

If I come back to Vodkaberg to work, does that make me a glutton for pounishment?

Anonymous said...

With any luck you'll be recognized and get some booty out of it.

English Teacher X said...

I'm not entirely sure if they were talking about me, but I heard some little kids saying something about "famous American" and "ask for an autograph" while I was walking by today.