Saturday, December 09, 2006

My Number One Fan

Something weird has happened.

We got a new teacher at the school a couple of weeks ago; a young American guy.

And it turns out he's been a big fan of the English Teacher X website for a couple of years. He said he had figured out the actual name of Vodkaberg just using the Internet, and within an hour of meeting me had determined I was English Teacher X.

He said the website had inspired him to get into teaching.

"Good lord," I said. "How could that be? All I write about are the shitty things. . ."

"But you made it sound kind of . . . interesting."


"Although," he added. "I kind of pictured you as a tattooed skinhead."


Anonymous said...

You need to be more honest in your Blog. If you had, you would have saved this poor soul and he would have been a school crossing guard or something else besides an English Teacher.

English Teacher X said...

My god, how can I be more honest? I even admitted peeing on the floor after an absinthe drunk.

Anonymous said...

"I kind of pictured you as a tattooed skinhead."
Shouldn't that read "I kinda pictured you as a shattered shinehead"?

Anonymous said...

You're *not* a tattoed skinhead?!

Oh wait, then people might confuse you for a local thug.

kyiv said...

if you would have used the real name of Vodkaberg you would have saved him months of tracking you down and now stalking you -=x

English Teacher X said...

He couldn't have been that much of a fan, come to think of it, or at least never looked at the photo gallery -- there are a couple of pictures that show the back or top of my head, which is definitely covered with hair, thin though it may be. And my arms, which have a mere one tattoo.

Anonymous said...

Or a splattered shithead.