Sunday, December 03, 2006

Nationalism: The New Black

Here's a good example of what I'm talking about -- one of our little English Groupie friends, who I've know for about four years, is now a snarling member of the Putin Youth, a political group called Nashe -- "Ours" -- don't know their website, but I can find it -- they have big patriotic rallies frequently, protest volubly against America, Israel, the Oligarchs and anyone who dares to criticize Putin. They wear red t-shirts when they march.

The other evening I was speaking with her and she shared her feeling that Anna Politkavskaya, the award-winning journalist critical of Putin's Kremlin who was shot to death by persons unknown a few months ago, was "a prostitute." To her credit, she doesn't believe the CIA killed her and that spy who was poisoned with Polonium; she thinks it's a plot by Boris Berzovsky

Here's a picture of this girl a few years ago at a party. Back then, she wanted little more than to marry a foreigner. Here she's trying on the gifts I bought her from America.


Charlie said...

Did we forget to say "hot" groupie?


okay, she's okay.

kimcheemonster said...

Pardon me if I am asking too rude a question, but do Russian girls like to give and recieve oral sex? I am teaching in Korea and this is on top of my list of where to go to teach English.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Berzovsky. :rolls eyes:

He probably hired this guy to write the letters to cover it up, too:

(I'd still bang her though.)

English Teacher X said...

Geez, that's all I have to do, put some pictures of chicks up? I guess it's actually "Berezovsky" by the way.

English Teacher X said...

Oh, yeah, Russian girls like to give and get oral sex, but these days it's increasingly difficult, unless you're rich. There have been too many articles and TV shows about how foreign men are bums.

Michael said...
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