Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Director

Some things I've done since assuming the mantle of Director of Studies at the beginning of September:

1) created a questionnaire for students to evaluate teachers, also to be used in the event of student complaints (to rid us of those whiners who just bitch for no specific reason)

2) attempted to have management count travel hours as part of the salaried hours worked, as well as attempting to remove split shifts by instituting a morning shift and an evening shift -- though this is still in the planning stages.

3) created a book of advice for fleshing out material in our first course book and offering tips for review.

4) offered a couple of new guys advice on how to make classes a bit more entertaining and faster-paced (rather than just telling them they suck ass, as schools usually do.)

I'm sure you're all swearing with envy at my exotic international lifestyle now, so I'll stop. LOOK ON MY WORKS, YE MIGHTY, AND DESPAIR!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey congrats english! U da man now, the main man in charge. 2 Thumbs up bro but PERESTAN DRATCHICT !!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Now that you are in charge instead of the translator, it might be a nice place to work.


vigeoro, The Guru Regurgitator said...

Nice to see your idealism, hope it stays with you when the grind of reality sets in. A lot of the split shifts issue will depend upon courses, student numbers, and the bottom line. Still, looking out for your employees assures you receive and keep truly dedicated and professional quality instructors which, in turn, assures business success. Good luck in your new endeavors. When I am finished my duties here in Saudi Arabia (and my plan realized), I may look you up for a job (if conditions are right, I am picky). May I?

English Teacher X said...

Actually I don't really have the ability to hire and fire; we're a chain school and all the teachers are recruited through Moscow.