Sunday, April 22, 2007

It's Not Easy Being Me

So I met this really nice-looking little chick a few weeks ago -- tiny little dark-haired thing with a magnificent rack and a body like a rock. (Well, a curvy rock.) We spent the whole evening dancing and making out, and then I saw her again last Friday, we did the same thing again -- but we were both pretty drunk and then she disappeared rather suddenly. I wasn't too surprised -- she was pretty drunk, and obviously the cock tease type.

I got up the next afternoon, and masturbated twice in the shower. Feeling much better, I had lunch, started drinking beer and checked my E-mail. After that I found I was still a bit worked up thinking about the little hottie from the night before, I masturbated again at about 3:00pm, and then met some of my colleagues for some serious afternoon beer drinking.

Around seven or eight, I got an SMS message from the girl -- saying that she was sorry that she left suddenly, her purse had been stolen. And that she wanted to meet at nine and spend the night with me.

So after three wanks, and about nine beers, even with this hot girl, my penis was about as hard and penetrating as a garden slug.

Don't think she went away too disappointed though. Thank God for The Shocker.


Anonymous said...

I guess it's not easy being you; you take so long to post! You bastid!

Anonymous said...