Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Twist On The Old Vomit Story

Last week we were at a nightclub and saw an English groupie we knew, and she she was there with a couple of her friends (neither of whom spoke any English.)

One of them was depressed and upset because she'd come home and found her husband in bed with another woman -- naturally she decided to get drunk and English Teacher P ended up taking her home, where she promptly vomitted all over the place while he was having sex with her.

Ah, but I've heard this story before, you might be saying. Ah no, read on.

Then, the next day, she wouldn't leave -- he kept making excuses about having to go to a lesson, but then she kept showing up again later.

A few days later the English groupie explained what the problem was -- turns out that the girl had told him she'd only have sex with him if he agreed to by her a new mobile phone (a $200 model) but his Russian not being particularly good, he'd just said, "Da, da, da" and gone ahead with it.

Naturally he says he's not going to buy her a phone. I can't blame him, I'd say the vomitting probably makes any previous deal null and void.

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Anonymous said...

"English Teacher shows himself as skinflint-refuses to pay for sex after agreeing"
Do you think he would have paid up if she hadn't vomitted? No he is an english teacher, the scum of the earth. Mean.