Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dawn of the Dead

So I mentioned a couple of new guys, young guys from America who were inspired to get into teaching by the English Teacher X website, no less. They got mugged Sunday morning at about 5:30am while they were walking through a local park, known to be a dangerous place. Alcohol overcame prudence, and they suddenly found themselves surrounded by “like 20 guys” who came storming out of the trees like “something out of DAWN OF THE DEAD.”

(I’m assuming the young whippersnappers are referring to the 2003 remake, where the zombies ran at a pretty good clip. In the original, you could skip faster than zombies could walk.)

They got chased around, slapped around a bit, and relieved of their phones and money, but in general are not hurt. They’re not sure whether they were targeted as foreigners, but as loud as they were being, they suspect they were.

I keep wondering, though: who’s going to be the unlucky person who gets his skull cracked, or jaw broken, or stabbed, or otherwise seriously injured. It seems we usually come out of these things with only a few bruises and missing telephones.

(I mentioned that we’re teaching three security goons from a certain famous mafia-run company in town – when they heard about this they laughed and gave the guys their cards and mimed shooting downwards, execution-style, while laughing uproariously.)


Anonymous said...

Two questions...
Are you sure it wasn't six American teachers and two Russian drunks. They were, after all...English teachers.
How would you rate this mugging with the time you were working in Togliatti and got mugged and got your ass kicked?

English Teacher X said...

Huh? I never got mugged in Togliatti. The police "fined" me 150 rubles once, for peeing in the bushes, but that was all. Of course I was only there five weeks, with a little more time I'm sure I could have managed it.

English Teacher X said...
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Fat, bald 30yr old loser said...

You are a real inspiration for us all ETX. Hell, if you can get all this pussy, anyone can eh?

Anonymous said...

Dammit, X! Tell those pussies to go down fighting next time so that in the future those hooligans will think twice before mugging English teachers.

Quiqui said...

English Teacher X,

I'm concerned for you. Are we talking about a tiny minority of alcoholic xenophobes, or are these incidents an expression of a widely-held hatred towards foreigners?

What I want to know is, are most residents of Samara friendly, hostile, or indifferent to you and your Anglo brethen?

Take care.

Dwayne said...

I am so inspired by this site that I have jacked in my burger flipping job in downtown Chicago and am on my way to Cambodia to 'educate' the children.

I didn't even need to declare my conviction for videotaping 8year old boys in the changing-room.

Bring it on!!!!!