Sunday, October 07, 2007


I think I'm not so worried about my excessive drinking as I am about my excessive bootleg DVD purchasing.

I go to the Pirate Disc Market on Sundays and buy movies, kind of randomly, from the 20 ruble (about 80 cents) bin, and the occasional new release for 80 rubles ($3.10) or so.

Averaging about five a week, I think, though I probably only watch about three movies a week. . .

I think it's an authentic cultural experience, though, because, like, they often have Russian subtitles, and occasionally don't have English on them at all.


Smack Kid said...

Fucking hell! I was waiting for someone else to comment but, as usual, you collection of broken humanity failed anything!!

Fuck you etc etc etc etc etc

Anonymous said...


Jason rules!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brat Kid said...

I love Jason!

He makes me..........stiff.

Varial said...

The Cold Night of Forever.

It is a constantly evolving piece of 'fiction' that will excite every possible receptor of emotion about your body.

Are you ready for it?

I happened to converse with a rather pathetic young man. Most of what he recounted was utter nonsense..barely decipherable to my ears.

But he kept bawling about a website, a person called English Teacher X. I, through much hard work, managed to track this site down.

So for the sake of that poor, wart-maddened, dough-like ball of useless flesh, please have a look.

For Jesus if for no-one else.