Friday, December 07, 2007

Hmm, I Guess The Russians DON'T Love Their Children Too

Russia announced just moments ago an intention to "achieve nuclear parity" with the United States. This a week after announcing an intention to abandon conventional arms limitation treaties.

As a Cold War child, I find this good news -- it means that all those adolescent nightmares about nuclear armaggeddon weren't time wasted.

I wonder if Putin, in his 80's KGB days, got to view the American and English nuclear war films of that era, such as The Day After, Threads, World War III, When The Wind Blows, or tales of convential war such as Red Dawn or Amerika . . .

Remember, everyone: duck and cover.


Michael said...

Not to worry...safeguards and maintenance have never been Russian strong points. Chances are they'll never use these weapons...they'll be stolen by criminals, sold on the black market to Middle Eastern terrorists and then used on NYC.

Ok...maybe you should worry.

Jason said...

I love it, I'm SO not an anal english teacher but I'm gonna have to correct you here, X, "I guess the Russian's DON'T love their children EITHER" because it's a negative agreement! hahaha happy new year dude, hope all is well in muzzah russia!