Thursday, December 06, 2007


Last Sunday, while Putin's Edinaya Rossia party finally and completely crushed all opposition in the election, another English teacher and I went up into the hills around the city to do a bit of hiking. (I get these strange urges occasionally.)

It was reasonably cold -- about -10 C -- but sunny, and there was lots of fresh snow from the night before, so it was a nice enough day for it.

We got most of the way up the hill and after considerable effort gathering fire wood, got a fire started, on which we cooked some bacon and potatoes. But it was hard work -- the last time we went out there, last year, we failed to get a fire started at all.

It made me realize what a useless skill English teaching is going to be in the post-apocolyptic world. Maybe I can teach the children in the village, or something, while the men are out hunting and scavenging.

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