Wednesday, January 16, 2008

English Teacher X : The Movie


Rain falls heavily outside the one open window. Cockroaches scurry among the cigarette butts. A forlorn thirty-something figure with self-cut hair sits at a plastic table, wearily staring at the label of one of the four empty beer bottles in front of him. The labels are written in some kind of foreign gibberish. Some kind of disgusting meat dish, half eaten, lies on the table next to the beer.

We slowly pan in.

VOICE OVER: Damn, my balls itch.


steve austin 123321 said...

sounds good to me but i would definitely make that the closing scene.

opening scene possibilities;

1: protagonist walks across the sand and falls backwards into the gulf of thailand. some music from moby starts.

2: {close up} 3 hands playing paper, scissors, stone in a bangkok bar.

{camera pulls back, reveals patrons in states of intoxication}

Protagonist lifts head off beer soaked table, wipes face dry, announces he's got 30 kids waiting for him to teach them english. staggers out of bar. {cut to classroom scene}

3: {airport hall} Protagonist freshly arrived clutching the accoutrements of home stands still as the masses swarm around him. clings firmly to his 1994 edition of lonely planet and burrows his way for the exit.

What do you think? I reckon this could really go.

My mate has already made 2 movies and they're travelling around to film festivals meeting with the organisers looking for a distribution deal now.

Jason said...

steve, good ideas but I think X was just trying to figure out a way to let us know that his balls itched. Call it art, if you will.